National Hellenic Society & National Geographic Television present
Ten vignettes of ancient themes presented alongside the world today inspired for the next generation
The Greek Guide to Greatness ( GGG) allows one to view the modern world through ancient eyes that help us understand the past, shape the present, and see into the future. 

Thanks to historians, scholars, and archaeologists, the Greeks' once elusive greatness has been studied, analyzed, and dissected. The problem was, to really grasp their secrets, you would need to read textbook after textbook, attend countless lectures, or maybe even get a degree. Well, not anymore! Now, thanks to the idea-sharing capabilities of the Internet, the secrets to ancient Greek greatness are right at your ļ¬ngertips and easily accessible in GGG. Like a video handbook, it is composed of ten chapters that cover topics ranging from politics and the economy to entertainment and athletics. Each chapter is a two to three minute video that relates and applies the ancient wisdom of the Greeks to our modern, American society.
Additionally, National Geographic Education, through its partnership with Cengage Learning, will distribute GGG with accompanying curriculum and lesson plans to over 1 million high school history classes from grades 8-11 nationwide.

GGG is a celebration and mission for us to question, ponder, and take action to strive to be genuinely "great." With insightful interviews, punchy text on screen, animations, and archival shots, each chapter is a fast-paced, informative exploration especially designed to appeal to a young audience. Preview the DEMOCRACY episode below, and stay tuned for more from this exciting and pioneering ten-part series!

The National Hellenic Society is committed to preserving and passing on Hellenic heritage through programs that benefit the community, celebrate and disseminate Hellenic heritage to mainstream audiences and advance posterity. NHS members are a proud association of Greek American leaders, visionaries and philanthropists dedicated to perpetuating and celebrating Hellenic heritage in America.