Dr. Robert Enright's Coveted
Forgiveness Research Tools:
Decades in the Making, Now Available Absolutely FREE

The man Time magazine has called “the forgiveness trailblazer” is blazing forward in a new direction by offering to social science and moral development researchers around the world the accumulation of forgiveness research tools he has developed over the past 35 years.

More importantly, he is giving them away
at no cost and with no strings attached.
Dr. Robert Enright, co-founder of the International Forgiveness Institute (IFI), announced today that he will now provide his highly regarded scientific research tools absolutely free to any forgiveness researcher who requests them.

“This initiative is designed to help expand and broaden the growing collection of crucial forgiveness knowledge,” Dr. Enright says. “This area of moral development has already had significant impacts in the realms of education, medical treatment, and emotional therapy, so why not try to expand on that?”

Tools now available by request on the IFI website include:

Click on any of the links above or visit the IFI's Forgiveness Research Tools page of the IFI website to request your free copies.
New in the IFI Bookstore: Grades 4-5 Curriculum Guide
Grade school educators, counselors, and homeschooling parents now have a new tool available to help teach their 4th and 5th grade students (ages 9-12) about forgiveness concepts including kindness, respect and inherent worth.

The Courage to Forgive: Educating Elementary School Children About Forgiveness is a book-based curriculum that incorporates the latest social-emotional learning and character education principles into its 16-lessons that are each approximately 45-minutes in length.

Although this curriculum was written specifically with 4th and 5th grade students in mind, it can be used with older (middle school students) or younger students, since activities can be modified as necessary. Adults may also find the curriculum helpful in their understanding and practice of forgiveness.
This new curriculum employs forgiveness education interventions developed by Dr. Robert Enright during his 35-years of scientific research as well as techniques honed by Dr. Suzanne Freedman during her 2018 research with 5th grade students in a racially-diverse Midwestern school. Selected children’s literature is used to teach and illustrate forgiveness and related concepts to the students. Book summaries are included with the curriculum guide.

For more information about the curriculum, read the full 15-page introduction to the guide.

For more information about the research behind this curriculum guide, read The Impact of Using Children’s Literature to Teach 5th Graders about Forgiveness.

Purchase The Courage to Forgive in the IFI Bookstore for $30 (electronic) or $40 (hardcopy).
Dr. Enright Explains Forgiveness
Concepts in New Video Interviews

A just-released video interview with IFI co-founder Dr. Robert Enright called “The Essence and Definition of Forgiveness” is now available to view at no cost on a website called Inner Change.

The 2 min. 15 sec. video is one of 13 short video segments that Inner Change has recorded with Dr. Enright and which it will release over a 2-year period. Here are the new Dr. Enright interviews:

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