In India, where marriage is a must but AIDS carries a stigma, what are HIV-positive people to do? 72 year old Dr. Suniti Solomon, who discovered India's first case of HIV 25 years ago, has found a way to help HIV positive patients find partners and meet societal expectations by taking on a new role: marriage matchmaker. Like other Indian matchmakers, Dr. Solomon matches by religion, education, and income; but she also matches by white blood cell counts and viral loads. For her, this isn't just about romance - it's a way to stem the spread of HIV and fight stigma. LOVESICK interweaves Dr. Solomon's unconventional personal and professional journeys with the lives of two patients: Karthik, a reticent bachelor, and Manu who, like many women in India, was infected by her first husband. As Karthik and Manu search for love, they learn how to survive under the shadow of HIV.

"With compassion, humor and hope, LOVESICK is an intimate story
about the universal desire for love.
" - Doc NYC

" LOVESICK explores the human cost of loneliness." - NBC News

"Through the unconventional love story of Karthik and Manu, LOVESICK hopes to give voice to the millions who live in the shadows, afraid that the revelation of their HIV status will ruin their job prospects, end their hopes for a loving relationship or shame their families."
- Times of India
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