Donate Online Today!

Midterm primaries are over and it is time to step up and support the candidates that share our views and concerns in the general election. An entirely new Cabinet will be elected in November and that includes the Commissioner of Agriculture, who will oversee our regulatory board. We need to be present and accounted for!
Typically, PAC funds are replenished and commitments are renewed during the annual conference, but this year we are behind schedule and need you to act now! FSMPAC was established by FSMS with the stated purpose of supporting candidates for elected office and to assist professional surveyors & mappers in organizing themselves for effective political action. Your commitment is needed to effectively carry out our mission.
The FSMPAC is only as strong as the participation of concerned members and we call on you step up and proudly support the profession that supports you!
We have recently updated our website to allow you to donate online with a credit card, or alternatively, you can download a form to mail back with a check. If you would like to review your recent donations to the PAC, follow the easy instructions at the bottom of the donation page.
Please visit the FSMPAC page for more information and to contribute now! 
If you have any questions concerning the FSMPAC, please do not hesitate to contact me.
John Clyatt
FSMPAC Chairman