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B. Doodle Breedings to Date

C. Lullaby's Litter


E. Two Pomsky Litters

F. Vaccinations for Your Puppy

Pup Alert  Newsletter
April 19th, 2017
Now Hiring!
This is a position for a computer savvy, tekkie-understanding, excited-about-business and technology, pup-loving, reliable, honest person who can work efficiently and consistently for this 2017 puppy season. XANADU'S secretary will learn much of what I do and will be part of a team that includes our Web Manager, Lawyers, (our amazing) Bookkeeper, and XANADU Representatives / Travelers on the eastern slope. The position can be part time--or double time--and can run through Christmas. This can be a permanent position.

I do not know if this job can be done long-distance. I've got grave doubts, but I am not so computer-savvy. If you would need a place to live near XANADU on gorgeous Log Hill (which is near Ridgway), I know a house-sharing opportunity for $500 a month--everything included.

Call me (no texts or voice mails) for more information. This position is available IMMEDIATELY; interviews until the position is filled.

Doodles to Go Home in July!

EARLIER DOODLE BREEDINGS; Puppies can go to new homes in July-- 

(MINI-BERNEDOODLE CROSS) CONFETTI'S LITTER W/ BALLAD. This will be 2017's first mini-BERNEDOODLE X litter. Tri-colors are expected, and puppies are expected to be active (with great hips--unusual for the BERNEDUDES). Photo attached of Bernedoodle sire, BALLAD. Adult size of pups should be about 35-40 lb. Both Guardian and Litter Pick puppies are available. Pregnancy unconfirmed. 

(MINI-GOLDENDOODLES) HOLLY'S LITTER W/ CHAMPAGNE Pregnancy Confirmed by Guardian who reports, "It’s the battle of the bulge in her little tummy..." This litter is SOLD OUT, BUT... A GUARDIAN MINI-GOLDENDOODLE IS AVAILABLE IN THIS LITTER; please contact me if you are interested in applying for Guardianship. 

(MINI-F2 DOODLES) AUSSIEPOO PADMA has been bred to blue-eyed COCKAPOO SNOW. Puppies will be ready for new homes in July. Litter Pick pups may be available. We do expect blue-eyed & brown-eyed puppies in this litter.

(MINI-DOODLES) AUSSIEPOO STARDUST has been bred to mini-Goldendoodle, River. Puppies will be ready for new homes in July. Stardust had four puppies in her last litter; three puppies are now reserved--possibly four. Both Stardust and River will retire this year. Pregnancy is confirmed.

(MINI-DOODLES) IRELAND'S LITTER W/ INKY, April 3-8 Breeding. Guardian Pup has been spoken for already. This should be an especially sweet litter; blue eyes expected. One Guardian pup will be available.

(STANDARD F1b No-Shed DOODLE LITTER) Standard Poodle, AKC JONTUE' & Doodle, RUMI WYLDFYR (with the perfect hips!). As adults, these pups should be 45-55 lb. Reds and parti-colored gold & white pups are expected...but Rumi has many beautiful colors in his background. There will be a Guardian puppy available from this litter.

Ballad, the Bernedude
Pup Selection: Lullaby/UberKhan Litter
1. Pet Home Male: I am waiting for confirmation that our black and white male pup will be going home to patient Jonah and his wife, who have waited so long for a little Goberian pup. JONAH, PLEASE CALL XANADU.

2. Female Litter Pick selection from Lullaby's litter will be made by Chelsea S. CHELSEA, PLEASE CALL XANADU.

3. Sarah A. has confirmed that she wants either female puppy from this litter.

4. Jeff and Katie will be the new Guardians for a male, XANADU'S Chance.

FINAL PAYMENT for this litter's puppies is due on MAY 1. Information will be coming to you about Puppy Pick-up in Ridgway, CO and Flights for some pups between May 12-14.

Goberian News Update
Lullaby's litter of four is small for a female of her size. Still, this litter is a blessing...and still...we are disappointed that the litter is so small. That means persons who expected a Lullaby-pup in May will be waiting for other litters' puppies.

So many families hoped for a pup from Bhakti's litter by Chinook. And that breeding has had to be postponed until (probably) September. Bhakti's Guardians were mistaken: She wasn't in heat at all. Our wise fertility expert at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital did a progesterone test to help determine when Bhakti actually was in heat and likely to be in heat again. That best-guess is September. This will mean a litter of winter pups, but we will breed for this litter of little Goberians, and those who are next in line and willing to wait for a puppy may select a pup from this upcoming and very popular litter--IF THE BREEDING "TAKES," and depending on the number of puppies born--and the usual eye color, gender, etc. preferences of purchasers. I find myself apologizing quite often for Mother Nature!

Also, and this is an occurrence that I did not expect: So many people have changed hybrid selections, postponed puppy-purchase because of events beyond their control (illnesses, accidents, new jobs, lost jobs, moves, human pregnancies), and sometimes because they've changed their minds about size or gender or timing or...There are so many reasons--and they are all good reasons, too, but these changes make litter selection and deposit placement very difficult for XANADU.

In every instance of litter preference, XANADU will try to honor client wishes regarding litters and pup selection, colors and sexes, but you will be asked to choose a puppy in the order deposits have been submitted. Guardian and Litter Pick options still have priority--but according to the dates deposits have been submitted.

Ordinarily, XANADU does not have puppies available in Oct., Nov., Dec. (except for one litter of small Christmas Doodles), January, or even in February. This year (only), in order to accommodate requests for Goberian puppies, we will have additional breedings in the fall.

IF you are not offered a puppy of your preferred gender, eye color, coat type, size, etc. by the end of this year's season; that is, Christmas--or as soon as XANADU knows there will be no more 2017 Goberian puppies--you will be offered either a 2018 puppy or a refund of your deposit.

Because XANADU is unexpectedly behind in getting Goberian puppies to people who have submitted deposits, we must be fair in seeing that people with the longest-standing deposits have the option to select their pup first. Here is what this will look like:

With each litter that is born (a list of recent Goberian breedings follows), you who have submitted deposits first will be asked if you would like a pup from the available litter--probably these selections will be made when the puppies are six weeks old (because of eye color stability). At that time, we will know how many pups we have, the expected sizes, coat types, eye color, and the genders of the puppies.

If you choose to wait for a subsequent litter's puppies, the next person in line will select a puppy--and so on.


If you have not submitted a deposit for a 2017 Goberian puppy, you may not be able to receive a puppy this season--maybe. Please read upcoming Pup Alerts for updated information regarding breedings and litter sizes. 

RECENT GOBERIAN & POMSKY HUSKY-CROSS BREEDINGS--These pregnancies are not yet confirmed. Puppies from the following litters will be ready for new homes in late-July through early August:

UHURU'S LITTER by AKC Siberian Husky, SAINT, and by ROMMY. This pregnancy is unconfirmed. Uhura's Breeding with Rommy and Saint--standard-sized, low-to-no-shed DOODLE ATHLETES & low-to-no-shed GOBERIAN PUPS. Guardian puppies by each sire may be available...and Guardian pup(s) by Rommy will certainly be available. 

ULURU'S LITTER by PUP CHARMING. We expect standard (and some pups possibly smaller) multigen Low-Shed GOBERIANS that look more like Momma Uluru and white Goberians that look like Daddy Pup-Charming--that is, who look more Husky-like. Some white puppies are expected; some could have blue eyes. A Guardian pup will be available.

EVE'S LITTER by UBER KHAN. Puppies from this litter should be available during the first part of August. Eve is a wonderful bright red color. STANDARD-SIZED GOBERIAN PUPS EXPECTED; some with blue eyes. A Guardian puppy will be available.

The beautiful Eve
Upcoming Pomsky Litters
SPRITE'S LITTER W/ WOLF. Both parent dogs have fantastic, smart, attentive, and playful personalities. Both are loving, family-oriented dogs. Some Pomeranians can be scamps, but not Wolf. This should be a fantastic mostly brown-eyed litter. Our brown-eyed Pomskies are $2250. A Guardian pup will be available.

SIERRA'S LITTER W/ ASHOKA. This litter is expected to be smart, sturdy, active, gorgeous--and we cannot even guess what colors we'll get, but we do expect some blue-eyed puppies. A Guardian pup will be available. Puppies should be ready for new homes in early August. Blue-eyed Pomsky puppies are $2650. Brown-eyed pups are $2250.

Puppy Vaccinations
So much has changed in thinking and timing of vaccinations. Veterinarians now want pups to have vaccinations at 8 weeks or later instead of 6 weeks with 8-week boosters. In the past, I've mentioned that I've been up all night with VERY sick pups who reacted to the 5-combo vaccinations that most veterinarians swear are the "safest ever." And I used to follow The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan's, very conservative recommendations and the veterinary guidelines of about 60 veterinarians in Colorado who provide services for XANADU'S Guardian dogs.

Veterinarians usually have only one kind of combo vaccination on hand, because of expiration dates and the need to buy in lot-sizes or a case. They cannot give a pup the two vaccines--or three--or four vaccines of your choice. And most veterinarians (I find) use the five-combo vaccination that I know has some serious issues (at least for some herding breeds).

My fertility veterinarian at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital recommends ONLY the four-vaccine combo; more natural veterinarians recommend ONLY Parvo and Distemper. ALL of these veterinarians have their reasons--good reasons, too.

But because veterinarians now ask that pups be vaccinated after they are 8-weeks old, I ask new pup owners to have pups vaccinated when they take their puppy to their own veterinarians for an initial visit. It is that initial visit, within 3 working days of bringing your pup home, that keeps your XANADU health guarantee in effect. New Pup Owners will make a smart decision about these vaccines based on available information about vaccinations and in consultation with the veterinarians you choose to care for your puppy. At that visit, please discuss your pup's vaccinations, your thoughts, etc., and have your pup vaccinated according to your best judgment. Your XANADU puppy will have seen a veterinarian before you receive him/her and before you take your pup in for a check-up with his/her own veterinarian. This first visit with puppy's new veterinarian allows you to be certain that you have a healthy puppy, and the new-pup exam provides a baseline of what good health looks like for your pup.

Thank you for your interest in a XANADU puppy. Sometimes your pup is a gleam in the sire's eye, but s/he is always worth waiting for.

Sheron and XANADU of the Rockies' Pack o' Pups  
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Phone:  970-708-8030