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Now In Stock - Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated
U.S. Law Shield has received copies of the first-ever Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated, a comprehensive handbook written to provide essential law every Florida gun owner needs to know! We are ready to ship books to members today! Click to see more details:
Is the Use of Pepper Spray Legal in Florida?
Pepper spray, made from an item you can get in the produce section of your local grocer, is considered a weapon by most states, and is restricted to some extent in nearly all of them. Click to watch Independent Program Attorney James Phillips discuss the issue:
President's Message May 2016
Click to read a personal message from Kirk W. Evans, President of Texas and U.S. Law Shield, as he updates members on progress the Law Shield community has seen this year.
State Supreme Court Lets Stand Ban on Guns in University Housing
The state Supreme Court declined to take up a dispute about whether guns should be allowed in university and college housing - which means guns aren't allowed. Click to read the specifics:
May 2016 - Upcoming Florida Gun Law Seminars and Workshops
Click below to see when there's an event near you and register to hear Independent Program Attorneys discuss real-life examples of legal use of force and use of deadly force. Be sure to bring a friend!
Video: 'Women Had the Right To Carry Long Before We Won the Right to Vote'
Commentator Dana Loesch takes apart Cosmo magazine for urging its female readers to avoid dating gun owners. Click to see Loesch's spirited defense of both male and female gun enthusiasts:
Ten Essential Tips for CCW Holders
A free e-book from Beretta has some useful tips for gun owners who may want to try everyday carry. Click to read an excerpt:
From SIG Sauer Academy: How to Transition from Rifle To Pistol
Why would you put down a perfectly good long gun and go to a handgun? Lots of reasons, and SIG Sauer Academy Director Adam Painchaud covers how to make the transitions safely and quickly in this 7-minute NSSF video.
Voters Oppose Suits Against Gun Manufacturers
Did you know that more than seven out of ten voters don't want gun makers and gun sellers to get sued for crimes committed with firearms they made and sold? Click to read about the massive national support for the gun business in a recent poll:
Law Shield News Roundup 
For our Law Shield members in various states, here's a quick rundown of gun-related headlines from around the country:
Show You Are 2A Proud
This limited-edition Mason The Bear bobblehead is great for your office desk, as a gift, or as a collectible item. Every time you see Mason, you will be reminded not to leave the house without carrying your gun. Click on Mason's picture to see the offer details, and use promo code "MEMBER" at checkout to get a $5 member discount.
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