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The Delta Residents Survey

Invitations to participate in the Delta Residents Survey will be sent via postal mail this month to all households in the interior Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and a sample of households in the urban and suburban Delta. These letters will provide instructions on how to access the survey online or request a hard copy by mail.

The Delta Residents Survey is a collaborative research effort led by the University of California’s Sea Grant, California State University, Sacramento, and the Bay-Delta Social Science Community of Practice, with funding from the Delta Science Program. It aims to help decision-makers better understand Delta residents’ livelihoods, well-being, priorities, and concerns for the region.


In the News

"Amid expansive efforts to restore Delta ecosystems, one thing has been missing: a sense of what local residents think," wrote California Sea Grant in its recent article, Locals to Weigh in on San Francisco Bay Delta Restoration. "Most governmental agencies are required to use the best available science in their decision-making — but you can't make decisions on data you don't have," said Social Science Extension Specialist Dr. Jessica Rudnick. "The Delta has a complex social history, and features immigrant communities and other underserved populations whose views were sometimes ignored," added Chair Virginia Madueño. "We should not be repeating history." 

Read the story on Sea Grant's website.

Social Science Integration

Integrating the social sciences into environmental management in the Delta means a better understanding of the people who live, work, and recreate in and around the estuary; how the region impacts their health and well-being; and how their behaviors influence environmental issues.

Learn more on our social science integration web page.

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