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Now Offering Health Insurance!
Health Insurance in Massachusetts
For years in the insurance business, my main focus has been Supplemental Benefits. One of the questions I get more than others is "Do you offer health insurance?" and I was only able to answer "No, but Supplemental Benefits fill in the gaps that Health Insurance does not cover."

Now I am proud to announce I am brokered with the Massachusetts Health Connector for Business. I can work with Massachusetts companies of 2-50 employees and fit them with the Health Insurance that works best for their needs.

February is American Heart Month
February is all about hearts – and not just the Valentine's Day kind. It's American Heart Month, making it a good time to consider that heart disease not only affects men, but women too. Treatment can be costly, but a Critical Illness insurance policy offers cash benefits that can help with costs related to a heart attack, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest and more. Available Direct or in Payroll Groups. Please reach out to learn more.
Prescription Drug Costs Got You Down?
Health Care costs have never been higher and the list of medical costs NOT covered by Health Insurance keeps growing. The HMA can be the answer to this problem! The HMA is a medical savings account that is similar to an HSA in that you can access its benefits on a debit card, however there is a big difference. The MAGIC of the HMA is in the MATCH, an average of $2 or more in medical benefits for every $1 contributed. HMA can be used for a vast majority of 213(d) medical expenses including prescription drugs, elective surgeries and MANY more. With 11 funding levels from which to choose, you can elect one that fits you best. Available in all 50 States and the ultimate Medicare supplement, reach out for your self or please help spread the word.
Want Video Subtitles?
If you follow any of my social media (see bottom of this page) you know I post a lot of videos. Most of my posts include subtitles as experts say there are reasons why they are important for maximum video impact. Multiple people have asked me which app I use so I'll also share it here. Check out the free CLIPS app and let me know if I can help.
Trusted Partners
I am very proud to know many great professionals who are tops in their fields. When you need a service, there is a strong chance I can recommend someone. Check out this list of Trusted Partners and just ask if you want an introduction.

Each month I am going to highlight one of my partners here. In this inaugural mailing I want to feature my friend Greg Klein-Hertzel of Experimax, with locations in Burlington & Methuen, MA.

Experimax is your trusted Tech partner for business and personal I.T. needs. They partner with the industries top tech experts in order to bring custom solutions to every business and individual. There are many choices when it comes to your technology needs. Finding the right company to use sometimes seems like a guessing game. At Experimax, it is their job to vet out the top I.T. partners so you don’t have to! These partnership are based on quality of product, prices and trustworthy people. 
They specialize in:
  1. Free Electronics Recycling
  2. 24/7 help desk
  3. Cyber security
  4. Cloud solutions
  5. Website development
  6. Software development
  7. App development
  8. Computers, Tablets and Smart phones
  9. Business Printers

Contact Greg today for your technology needs!
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