Dear BPG Family Member,

We are taking this pandemic very seriously.

We are taking the health of you, our staff, and our community very seriously.

The wellbeing of our patients has been our number one priority since our founding in 1999, during the AIDS epidemic.

Since March 16, we have worked quickly and diligently to put in place significant measures that ensure we are following proper social distancing, sanitization, and all other CDC safety protocols.

Berkeley Regulators Limit Access
Despite our efforts, last night, the city sent a notice to all cannabis dispensaries in Berkeley demanding that we shut down in-store and curbside pick up services immediately. 

Although we are happy to announce that we are now offering delivery in the East Bay, this decision will cut off access to over 50% of our patients who depend on clean, tested cannabis for serious conditions.

This decision will disproportionately impact low income patients out of the delivery radius, who cannot afford minimum order requirements, and who do not have access to safe cannabis where they live.  

This decision will cut off access to thousands of Bay Area residents seeking relief during these uncertain times.

Cannabis is Essential Medicine
Cannabis has been an over the counter, age-restricted medicine, just like Sudafed or Nyquil, since 2018.  

California's Department of Public Health and the Public Health Official issued an Order determining that dispensary workers are classified as essential critical infrastructure workers.  

The Governor of California and the California Department of Public Health both agree that cannabis retailers pose no more of a public threat to the community than do grocery stores, pharmacies, or restaurants.

Liquor stores remain open to the public. To the contrary, licensed cannabis retailers ensure access to safe, affordable medicine for all.

Contact Our City Manager
Access to cannabis is more important than ever during this unprecedented situation.

If you believe patients and adults need access to cannabis during this crisis, we need you to call or email the Berkeley City Manager office now!

Contact the City Manager
Dee Williams-Ridley,
(510) 981-7000

Subject: Keep Berkeley Dispensaries Open

Dear Ms. Williams-Ridley,

Your decision to close all Berkeley cannabis retail shops and curbside pickup access, though well-intentioned, is misguided and damaging to patients and the community.

Cannabis retailers following the same social-distancing and CDC guidelines for essential businesses pose no more of a threat to community-spread than grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants or any other essential business.

Both Governor Newsom and the State's Public Health Official issued an Order determining that cannabis retailers, workers and workers supporting cannabis retail are classified as "essential critical infrastructure workers" during the statewide stay at home order.  

This decision will cut off access to almost half of the patients who trust and prefer Berkeley retailers to provide them with clean, tested cannabis for serious conditions and relief.

Closing retail and curbside in the City will end up driving these consumers toward the illicit market - the source of the vaping illness. It will also disproportionately impact low-income patients who live outside of the delivery radius and do not have access to safe cannabis where they live.  

I strongly urge you to reconsider your order, for the health and well-being of patients and allow Berkeley retailers to remain open and accessible to everyone who needs medicine, regardless of where they live.

Thank you for your compassion and consideration,

Your safety and the safety of our staff remains our top priority.

We are adhering to all local, state and federal social distancing and sanitization requirements to the greatest extent practicable.

Stay strong, keep calm, and take care of yourself.

Your Buds at BPG