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A New Decision-Support Tool and Storymap

The Delta Stewardship Council is pleased to share new resources related to the Delta Levees Investment Strategy (DLIS), a risk-based prioritization for levee investments in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that became California state law as part of the Delta Plan in January 2024. The DLIS aims to benefit Californians by maximizing flood protections for people, property, and infrastructure and to support the coequal goals.

The DLIS decision-support tool enables the Council and others at work or interested in the region to explore flood risk results for each Delta island and tract across different time frames and future scenarios. The DLIS storymap describes the importance of the investment strategy – and how it came to be – in an interactive format. Both are available at the link below.


Did you know?

Flood risk is one of the most pressing threats to the Delta and will continue to worsen in the future with changes in sea level, precipitation, hydrology, and temperatures. The Delta’s 1,100 miles of levees provide 24/7 protection for residences, agricultural lands, and infrastructure, and they need deliberate and sustainable maintenance and funding to ensure they can perform the important work they do. Many of the levees date back to when the Delta was reclaimed for agricultural purposes in the late 1800s, and while they have been maintained and improved, more work remains. 

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