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Salinity Management Workshop Agenda

The Delta Science Program is pleased to share the agenda for the March 26-27, 2024, Salinity Management Workshop. In addition to hearing presentations from subject matter experts on challenges, opportunities for collaboration, and advancements in salinity modeling, attendees will participate in breakout groups that explore these topics and others.

The two-day workshop will take place via Zoom. Attendance is free with registration. You can register for one or both days below.

Register to attend Day 1, which will focus on tradeoffs and uncertainties associated with different management actions and identifying who is impacted by those actions.

Register to attend Day 2, which will spotlight results from a modeling exercise that demonstrates scenarios of various management actions.


“Whether you are a water researcher, manager, decision-maker, or interested member of the public, our Salinity Management Workshop is for you,” says Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers. “Topics of conversation will include drought, climate change, ecosystem responses, partnership opportunities, and more. Join us!”

California relies on the Delta.

The Delta is a hub for water in California, providing essential water supply to communities, farms, and industries inside and outside the Delta. During extended drought conditions, reduced incoming freshwater in the Delta makes it more difficult to keep salinity at the levels needed to maintain beneficial uses for humans and wildlife. Managing salinity to meet the many uses of Delta water requires a long-term planning approach that can incorporate the best available science in a way that minimizes negative impacts on communities.

Read our 2022 information sheet for a primer on Delta salinity, including the natural and human influences.

The Delta Science Program launched this Salinity Management Workshop Series in 2022 with a two-day workshop that featured presentations, panel discussions, and breakout groups to kickstart conversations about salinity management in the Delta. Recordings are available on YouTube: day one and day two.

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