March 5, 2019
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AESA's Annual Conference Update:
Call for Proposals Now Open!
Our member ESAs have plenty of expertise and experience to share.

This year's Annual Conference theme is "20/20 The Vision Ahead." We'd love to hear from you!

We invite you to submit a proposal for the 2019 Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Breakout proposals will be accepted March 5-April 23, 2019.

Thank you!
Thank you to Presenters and Participants in AESA's First Virtual Conference
Thank you to everyone who participated in AESA's Virtual Conference on Poverty and Trauma.

We especially thank our presenters Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz from ESSDACK, KS, and our friends at SERRC, Alaska - Gerry Briscoe and Martha Gould-Lehe.

Thank you all.
Federal Advocacy Update
House Education & Labor Committee Passes Infrastructure Bill
Last week, the committee passed the Rebuild America’s School Act, which would provide about $100 billion for school infrastructure through a combination of $70 billion in direct federal spending for renovation, repairs, and modernization, and $30 billion in tax-credit bonds. 

AESA sent a letter of support   along with our colleagues at AASA. 

The path forward is far from clear. This bill allows the funds Congress would need to provide the funding via annual appropriations. Given that FY20 discussions will require a sizable funding cap increase to merely preserve level funding, the likelihood of Congress finding another $100 billion is very limited. Stay tuned!

Public Education Week March 25-29, 2019

On March 25th, AESA will be joining with national organizations across the country for Public Schools Week—a week to showcase the great things happening every day in public schools that you serve and show the potential for greater things.

Public education prepares ALL children to live productive lives. Nine out of every 10 students attend a public school and public schools must serve every child—regardless of ability, religion, wealth, language, country of origin, or need. We understand that by strengthening the public school system we strengthen our democracy.

Public schools are the foundation of a 21st-century democracy that ensures America’s children and youth can contribute to the society, economy, and citizenry of the country.

We congratulate our public school systems for:
·      Advancing equity and excellence in public education and implementing continuous improvement and evidence-based practices.
·      Ensuring every child has the right to an education that helps them reach their full potential and can attend schools that offer a high-quality educational experience.
·      Providing such necessities as counseling, extracurricular activities, and mental health supports that are critical to help students engage in learning.
·      Providing inclusive and safe high-quality public schools where children learn to think critically, problem solve and build relationships.

At AESA, we hope that you will celebrate the wide range of educators, school professionals, parents and advocates who work tirelessly to help every student meet their highest potential in your region.

Thank you for all you do to support our great public schools.

Joan Wade, EdD
AESA Executive Director
News about AESA Business Partner IntelliBoard
Iowa’s AEA Learning Online and IntelliBoard
are Stepping in the Right Direction, Together
Excited about their partnership
After months of working together virtually, Becky Keith, IntelliBoard VP, Craig Mohr, AEA LO Instructional Designer, and Anatoliy Kochnev IntelliBoard CEO are excited to meet in person! 
Iowa’s AEA LO offers an updated, full-featured Moodle Learning Management System to all educators in the state of Iowa. An incredible advancement and opportunity for Iowa schools - the ability to have a supported, attractive LMS for their teachers. One of the first additions to their LMS was augmenting their site with comprehensive reporting from IntelliBoard, the premier reporting and analytics solution for Moodle and other Learning Management Systems.

IntelliBoard provides the clarity for Iowa to view what is happening in their LMS in real-time. Iowa AEA LO has identified data predictors for at-risk learners using a wide variety of tools available through IntelliBoard: tracking learner success, time spent in the LMS, and assessment data. The next steps include utilizing sitewide data to make instructional and institutional decisions – ultimately improving the learning experience for all.

Craig Mohr, AEA LO’s Instructional Designer, and Champion of Data, shared “IntelliBoard has really helped in getting a feel for what is happening in classroom online environments. It's like doing classroom walkthroughs.”
Iowa educators use IntelliBoard to identify at-risk learners, expose areas needing professional learning, give kudos to high performers (often overlooked), as well as set clear teacher usage expectations.

We at IntelliBoard always enjoy hearing which reports and features folks like to use and why. Craig’s "Top Six” include:
  • Site Visits by Day/Hour: shows us when the system is the most popular, helping address system needs and maintenance.
  • Learner Engagement by Activity: helps us understand where learners need the most support and cater instruction accordingly.
  • Instructor Site Use: makes instructor commitment very clear as well as identify professional learning needs.
  • Time Spent/Grade Correlation (on the Instructor Dashboard): guides in-classroom discussions about how to improve academic achievement and success.
  • Learner Engagement by Activity: points out where participants need the most support and drives instruction accordingly.
  • Conditional Event Notification Dashboard: sends learners and teachers messaging regarding at-risk predictors such as learner inactivity, time in course and grade.

We love these too! And so many more (all 130+).

“IntelliBoard has been great to work with,” continued Craig. “They have made sure our needs are met and have been more than happy to build custom reports for a district. These custom reports allow a district to compare assessment results across teachers and across grade levels. This gives insight into teacher effectiveness as well as how to improve as a teaching team rather than individuals. These reports lay the foundation for transformational PLC work.”

Let IntelliBoard join your ESA learning adventure. We’ll walk alongside your ESA as you make your way to offering online professional development, support your current eLearning efforts and offer our reports and analytics to your districts. We would love to help. IntelliBoard works with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L and Moodle Learning Management Systems.

Contact us today for a personal tour:
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