Award Winning  Jazz Album
Alex Otey Trio
Now Released


The Alex Otey Trio, composed of Otey, bassist Chris Clark and Kevin Kuchinsky (drummer) worked on the album, releasing 12 vocal Jazz style songs that have been described as light hearted. 'Love Matters Now' comes across as a funky fusion of different musical styles. It is a mixture of Harry Connick Jr., Dr. John, and Randy Newman. SKOPE MAG
"Love Matters Now' by Alex Otey Tro is soon to be released, a light jazz Piano Trio work that includes several wonderful guest artists, including the legendary Richie Cole on Alto Sax, Amy Otey on Backup Vocals, James Popik on Guitar, Lars Wendt on Trombone, Dom DeFranco on Tenor Sax, Darrell Soltesz on Drums and Ryan Ross on Drums. 
Keep your ears peeled on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and other audio distributors.  THE GROUCH/MI2N
"Cliché" is one of the most memorable tracks off the album with compelling instrumentals and vocals as he sings "I don't want to sound cliché, I want you to hear my thought and nothing else."  There is nothing "cliché" about the Alex Otey Trio and he "doesn't sound like anyone else"  BRYON WILLIAM/INDIE SPOONFUL 
Alex Otey's work through the years is well thought out and well played as well. He is able to build up from the ground, to create a style that is in similar, fashion of the past into the modern age of today. "Love Matters Now", is that type of release that keeps the music jumping and bumping.  NATALIE PEREZ/NATALIEZWORLD  

A fun, upbeat Vocal Jazz style album!
Winner Best Jazz Album in the August 2017 Akademia Music Awards! 
Winner Best Jazz Song for ˜Richie's Bop" in the August 2017 Akademia Music Awards

'Alex Otey Trio commands an extraordinary palette of compositional maneuvers - 'Love Matters Now' is nominally jazz, but impossible to estimate on that basis alone; it's a rich,
genre-expanding work with broad appeal.'

'Don't skip this one - 'Richie's Bop' has the kind of smooth jazz elegance that's gone lacking over the last decade; Alex Otey Trio is an ideal messiah for the style's resuscitation.'

Jazz/Blues Song Title: Richie's Bop
Written by: Alex Otey Current Position: Semi Finalist
Jazz/Blues Song Title: Love Matters Now
Written by: Alex Otey Current Position: Awaiting Awards Allocation
Jazz/Blues Song Title: Happy Days
Written by: Alex Otey Current Position: Semi Finalist
Retro Song Title: After All This Time
Written by: Alex Otey Current Position: Semi Finalist
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