February 22nd, 2021 from 10:00-10:30am via Zoom
We start with the biggest local elected officials,

Grab your favorite breakfast pastry as we head into our second ever Breakfast with REALTOR® Champions Q&A. We are thrilled to announce the speaker this month as our District 2 County Commissioner, Jimmy Keefe, and Fayetteville City Mayor Pro-Tem Kathy Jensen.
And finish with the industry's best insider info!

We are proud to present a monthly breakfast with REALTOR® champions! Join us for a Q&A session as we listen to local elected officials as they share their experience and vision with us. Tune in for only 30 minutes to get the best inside information in the area. We'll see you soon to share coffee and conversation around the virtual table.
Have a question for this REALTOR® Champion?
Email it to our Governmental Affairs Director, Angie