April 22, 2020
Wednesday Story
Hello Family, friends and supporters! Beginning today we will be starting a new series called Wednesday Story which will run for the next six weeks to provide each one of you our highlight of the week! You will have a chance to view how Predisan is impacting lives through the lenses of our patients and frontline staff.

Today we are featuring Damaris Aguilar. She is from La Sabana, Rio Tinto, a remote community located 30 kilometers outside of Catacamas with difficult access as the drive is up a mountain with 70% of the roads being unpaved.

Damaris shares with us:

"I'm very grateful because they (Predisan's staff) come to check on me and my baby. Thanks to the doctors, nurses and Predisan for coming to my community and making it so that I do not have to travel to the health center."
Thankfully with resources from supporters such as yourself, Predisan is able to step in to provide much needed access to healthcare for patients like Damaris. God has ordered Predisan's steps to serve as light in the lives of the disenfrancised and disparaged population of Honduras. We invite you to be a vessel of Christ providing Hope, Healing and Salvation to those in Honduras.
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