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Now What? Act!


We celebrated a new year where there is the promise of new beginnings, different outlooks and perspectives; as well as pledges to make alternate choices.  That lasted about to January 6th.  Thereafter, we continue to hear, see, speak and act as if the opportunity of Yes We Can be renewed does not exist. Throughout society we have witnessed the exact same positions and positioning that we observed last year. Some of us talked about the Change we would like to become, see and Hope for in the future.  Nonetheless, we remain stagnate and cannot move Forward.


Now What?


Everybody must commit to do something, act someway, positively influence somebody throughout the next twelve months. The Now What is to Act.


Yes, the political landscape remains the same;

Yes, the fiscal cliff haunts our economics;

Yes, we were taxed and not relieved;

Yes, people do horrific things;

Yes, the storms of life come;

Yes, Yes and More Yes, we know.


But still, Now What?


As Americans, do we wait, do we pity, do we plead, no we Act.


Act Beyond Expectations;

Act along with your Words;

Act to Improve Society;

Act with your Voice all the Time;

Act at Work, Home and throughout your Community;

Act when No One Else is Looking; and

Act even if you are the only One.


As we approach the Inauguration of the President Barack Obama, it will be a time of celebration, there will be speeches and parades; and there will be conflict, disappointment of Republicans and strife; but there will still be opportunity to Act. This will last for the 2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, but the Actions of Everybody will carry us through the year.


Now What? Act by sharing your comments on the EP Blog at http://everybodypaddles.wordpress.com.


The Everybody Paddles Movement is counting on you and Your Actions to Make a Difference.




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Everybody Paddles

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