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The Raised Safety Dolly is a version of the yel-Low Safety Dolly that is raised by 4" with 4 Locking casters. This allows for greater ground clearance and the ability to lock the dolly in place.
  • Dolly Fits within Standard Doorways
  • Move in Any Direction
  • Move Multiple Objects, Different Sizes and Weights
  • Base Model Dolly Can Carry Up to 1000 lbs
  • Durable Welded Metal "Box" Construction
An accessory like the Forklift Channel set is made specifically for the Raised Safety Dolly and is a must have if you are frequently using a forklift in your shop. The Corner Protectors/Connectors are not exclusive to the Raised Safety Dolly, but we highly recommend them to prevent the corners from marking or indenting your walls.
Standard Cart & Dolly Features
  • 12 Gauge Steel Body
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 16 Gauge Square Posts (if applicable)
  • Units Range Up To 1000 lbs. Weight Capacity (if applicable)
  • Adjustable Post Hole Positions (if applicable)
  • All Carts Fit Through A Standard Door Opening (accessibility depends on load size)
  • Standard E-Track Strap Slots Help To Secure Loads (if applicable)
The Scoop Dolly is so ergonomic and stable. Amanda, shown here, is only 5'4" but she easily tackles loading one of our vertical panel saws into this truck.

The Foot Leverage Bar has been streamlined and can be added to the Scoop to assist the user in lifting their load.

The Motorized All-terrain Utility Dolly, the MAUD-Max as we call it, is a powered specialty Dolly we created for heavy duty projects.
The MAUD-Max uses a standard 110 volt Battery. It can be charged with your normal wall outlet. It comes with six 56" posts that you can configure to your needs.
There is only 1 MAUD-Max left. Saw Trax has stopped Manufacturing this Dolly and for a short time is offering 10% off of the MAUD-Max. If you find yourself needing more power and control when transporting heavy goods like stone at your job site, give us a call and ask about the MAUD-Max.
Quick before this limited unit is sold!
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