Now available - Ames MPF Penta 2
  • Ames fluctuation assay in liquid format according to the OECD471 test guideline
  • 5 regulatory strains included: TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537 and E.coli WP2 uvrA(pKM101) New
  • ONLY 64 mg of test compound needed for a full assay according to test guidelines
  • Up to 12-fold less S9 consumption than for an agar-based assay
  • An easy and convenient excel calculation sheet is provided for free, helping the preparation of your test (weighing and dilutions scheme) and supporting raw data analysis
  • Kit contains strains, S9, reagents, positive controls and an accurate protocol
  • Quality controlled
S9 cofactor kit - for Ames MPF assays but not only
  • A set of 3 vials: ready-to-use liquid reagents
  • 1 kit is enough for testing 6 compounds on 5 strains with and w/o metabolic activation, in triplicates, according to the Ames MPF protocol, or 15 compounds on 2 strains
  • Suitable with Ames strains for any Ames assay, liquid or agar-based method
  • Provided with a convenient protocol and a table of recipes based on testing conditions
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