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Pressure Press Newsletter | February 2016
Performing Under Pressure keynote at the Rotman School of Management-January 23
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If you are certified in IHHP's Emotional Intelligence program, then we know that you have seen the positive impact this learning has on individuals, teams and on organizational cultures.

Yet, how many times have you heard your participants say "But how do I influence someone who hasn't had this training and who doesn't know that their amygdala is hijacking their rational mind?  What if I suspend judgement and practice empathy and accountability, but they blame and accuse?".  

We are now ready to arm you with the answer - The Three Conversations of Leadership (3CL).

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Toronto: Mar 21-22, 2016

Toronto: Mar 23-24, 2016

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Toronto: June 21-22, 2016

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IHHP is excited to announce the availability of Version 4.0 of the

Based on our work in the classroom with high performing leaders from around the world, we've enhanced the program so your leaders can be even more effective at skillfully having Last 8% Conversations.
Enhancements in Version 4.0 include:
  • Leveraging the foundation of the Emotional Intelligence (EI) program for having effective conversations. *EI is now a prerequisite.
  • Clearer focus on how Daily, Difficult and Courageous conversations help leaders develop talent and drive accountability.  This program is designed for leaders who are responsible for the performance and development of their team.
  • Application to real-world scenarios by recognizing the RISCS (Respect, Inclusion, Status, Choice, Safety) that impact a leaders response to emotional situations.
  • A structure for identifying how the Voice, Value & Feedback strategy is utilized in Last 8% Conversations.
  • Additional exercises so leaders leave the workshop having put the strategies into practice.
  • An enhanced certification process enabling your facilitators to deliver this world-class training internally.
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Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Emotional Intelligence program has won a  Leadership Excellence award!

Blogger weighs in on getting in the last 8% conversation.

Here is a distinct pattern we see over and over again in the leadership development training programs we run: when leaders face a difficult conversation, a feedback conversation or a performance review, most cover 85, 90 or 92% of the content of what they want to say in the conversation but a funny thing happens when they get to the more difficult part of the conversation, what we call the Last 8%.  Click to continue

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