Now covering telehealth well visits
Well visits are designed to give patients the opportunity to talk with their doctors about how to improve their health and prevent disease. Given the importance of these preventive care visits, Fallon is covering well visits via telehealth with no member cost-sharing until regulatory guidance is rescinded or until Governor Baker’s Emergency Order is ended, whichever is first.

Being able to have well visits virtually helps people keep up with their necessary care, although some aspects of a well visit, such as immunizations, lab services or certain screenings, need to be provided in person rather than by telehealth.

Remember, Fallon members can access telehealth services from all network providers that are offering these services. Members who have the Teladoc benefit can also use that service. Fallon is waiving all member cost-sharing for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related medically necessary telehealth services until regulatory guidance is rescinded or until the Massachusetts state of emergency is terminated, whichever occurs first. Members who have the NurseConnect benefit can also use this channel to receive medical services or advice at no cost.

Increasing public interest in telehealth
It’s important for people to continue to get the health care services they need, including urgent or emergency care. Yet, many are hesitating to do so.

Citing concerns about the virus, nearly one-third of U.S. consumers have dramatically changed their use of traditional health care services, according to a new national survey by the Alliance of Community Health Plans and conducted by Leede Research. The study also shows 41% of people have delayed in-person care, with many embracing virtual care as an alternative.

Fallon encourages members to seek the care they need—whether it’s by telehealth or, when appropriate, in a hospital or urgent care center.
Improving accuracy of provider directories
This week, Fallon Health launched a new provider data management system to better serve all of our plan members as well as our clients and provider partners.

Adding this system— Vistar eVIPS by symplr—automates and streamlines all aspects of our provider data management and represents a major milestone in solving the issue of provider directory accuracy. With a system dedicated to storing and updating provider data, we’re able to better manage the information we receive from providers and increase the accuracy of our provider directories.

Because eVIPS includes capacity for storing our provider contracts, we’ll have immediate electronic access to those as well, further improving our ability to keep our records current.
Health and wellness
Maintaining and creating healthy lifestyle habits
Many people have been spending most of their time in shared space at home since the Massachusetts stay at home advisory went into effect. And it’s not easy to prioritize health and well-being for yourself, and every other person in your home.

Here are some simple, engaging and fun ways to help reduce stress and increase motivation for keeping everyone engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Build physical activity into your daily or weekly schedule. Be creative with the possibilities. Go for a walk or a run—then blast the tunes and have a dance party. Plant a garden. Wash and wax your car.

  • Plan ahead and share responsibility for planning, prepping and cooking a healthy meal. Have a competition to see who can make a tasty meal with leftovers.

  • Create opportunities to learn more about health. How can you use ingredients on hand to make a healthy meal or snack? What is the nutritive value of the fruits and vegetables you like? What muscle groups are used in your favorite exercises?

  • Prioritize mental health and well-being.

  • Create and revisit house rules or guidelines. Are there limits on screen time? Do you have designated quiet hours? Is there regular daily or weekly family/group time?

  • Meet regularly and encourage each member of the household to share their feelings and challenges, as well as to ask for support they need.

  • Discuss how to communicate the need for time to themselves. Respecting alone time is important.
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