Dear MTC students,

We must support each other. This national health emergency is nothing like we’ve ever seen, and the next two weeks will be a trying time for our community, state, and nation. Perseverance is our key. Even minor steps over these next few days can lead to major personal success over the next few years.

Today is Census Day 2020
Even though things are far from normal, there is still an important task to
accomplish – completing your census. Every ten years, the United States census is conducted. The results set population figures that are used to determine future Federal funding, student loan and Pell grant amounts, and even what areas will get a new post office. Be sure to complete yours at http://2020CENSUS.GOV .

Students: Lookout for Advising Email
Our Academic and Career Advisors are working to make sure you are adjusting well to
alternative instruction. Tomorrow, they will be reaching out to you via email about plans
for Summer and Fall courses. Be on the lookout for that on Thursday, April 2.

Contact MTC
  • Dial 803.738.8324 and leave a message. Calls will be returned within 24 hours.
  • If you prefer to text, that number is 803.738.1400.
  • Online chat with a college representative is also available on
  • Or, you can email to [email protected].
  • Information Resource Management Help Desk: 803.738.7888 or [email protected]..

My best,

President Ron Rhames