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Older Americans Information Resource

An invaluable tool that offers up-to-date information on the prevalent social, health, and financial issues facing older Americans today.
Older Americans Information Resource, 2020/21
Pub. Date:  April 2020
ISBN:   978-1-64265-459-2
Price:  $165
This edition is designed for one of America's largest growing populations, with resources to help aging Americans lead happy and productive lives. It includes nearly 10,000 listings, two glossaries, three indexes, and is a repeat winner of the National Mature Media Award for being recognized as "the best in advertising, marketing, and educational materials for older adults."

The  Older Americans Information Resource  includes detailed listings including name, address, phone, fax, websites, key personnel, and brief descriptions divided into 12 major chapters, including; 
  • Organizations
  • Awards
  • Continuing Education
  • Disability Aids
  • Health Conditions
  • Living Facilities
  • Legal Resources
  • Libraries
  • Print Resources
The chapter on Health Conditions includes specific conditions including: AIDS, Depression, Hypertension, Stroke, and Visual Impairment. Each of these sections include associations, publications, research centers, web sites, and more.

Additionally, this resource includes two extremely helpful glossaries. The first, Glossary of Health and Medical Terms, with terms that define language found throughout this and other publications, as well as terms used by professionals in the field. The second, Glossary of Legal Terms, includes in-depth situations older Americans may commonly find themselves in.

Three indexes offer additional ways to access this resource's content. The Entry Index is an alphabetical list of all entries available in the text. The Geographical Index organizes appropriate listings by more than 100 categories, from Elder Abuse to Wills.

Whether in print, online, or both, the  Older Americans Information Resource , is the perfect addition to any reference collection that serves this age demographic, including reference departments of public libraries and senior centers.
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