BGCS Newsletter Vol. II #7, April 13, 2019
"All Things Bluegrass Country Soul:
Past, Present & Future"
We’ve returned from two weeks on the East Coast where we worked on the restoration of Bluegrass Country Soul . It’s become increasingly clear that this restoration project is far more critical than we ever suspected. The dyes on our one remaining 35 mm print have faded to the point that the film might be lost forever if we don’t restore it now. It is no exaggeration when we say that our crowdfunding campaign is crucial to the successful completion of this project. Many thanks to those of you who have placed an advance box-set order. If you haven’t yet, please consider placing your order today .
In this newsletter, we have a new video showing our sound engineer at Henninger Media Services creating surround sound for the film, and a short clip showing the amazing work the color specialists are doing to restore the movie, so that it will look and sound better than ever. We also have breaking news about one of the musicians from Bluegrass Country Soul , whom we interviewed during our time in Washington, DC. 
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Albert Ihde              Ellen Pasternack
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Restoring Bluegrass Country Soul in Washington, DC
Akira Otsuka and Albert Ihde
Akira Otsuka and Albert Ihde in the interview studio
During our trip to Washington DC, we were privileged to interview a number of people who performed, appeared in, attended or worked on Bluegrass Country Soul , including: Bill Emerson of The Country Gentlemen; Lola Emerson; Akira Otsuka of The Bluegrass 45; Joel Jacobson, Editor and Title Design; Doug McCash, mandolin player in the credits and Assistant Editor; and, award-winning bassist Missy Raines, who attended the festival with her family and appears in the rain scene and audience shots.
Their interviews will be used in the "Making of" documentary, a second commentary track on the restored film, the book in the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition multi-media box-set , and in upcoming newsletters !
BGCS Artists in the News
Akira Otsuka, Katy Daley and Howard Parker have created "Bluegrass Stories"
Today we feature news about our friend Akira Otsuka, who has just premiered a series of podcasts called "Bluegrass Stories," working with his friends Katy Daley and Howard Parker. Rumor has it that Albert and Bluegrass Country Soul might appear in a future episode. We'll keep you posted!
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