Get ready for the cold by adding a Sand Spreader Attachment!
  • Turn your patcher into a dual use machine
  • Supplement your winter fleet with a Sand Spreader
  • Follow our easy steps to attach a Sand Spreader on your existing patcher.

5 Tips for FP5 Winter Storage
  1. Clean out asphalt hopper
  2. Drain the water tank
  3. Drain and clean emulsion lines and tank
  4. Drain cleaning fluid tank
  5. Drain water from air tanks

7 Tips for SP5 Winter Storage
  1. Drain and clean emulsion tank and lines
  2. Clean filter and canister
  3. Remove spray nozzle and clean
  4. Turn Kubota 12 volt power switch off
  5. Make sure batteries are charged
  6. Clean engine and blower filters
  7. Drain water from air tanks

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