A Message from Sandy Moret
Will 2019 bring the right flow direction to Florida's Everglades and waters?

As the most environmentally devastating year in Florida's history ends, it's time to set the course for 2019 and future years. Almost a full decade of stripping budgets and enforcement by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, delay of Everglades restoration projects, abandonment of focus on environmental responsibility by the South Florida Water Management District, roll back of water quality standards and abandonment of septic tank inspections to name a few, came crashing down in 2018.

Resulting toxic algae blooms, seagrass die offs, and massive kills of marine life offered graphic evidence of our water's mismanagement. Throw in a three coast red tide event of biblical proportions and the issue stormed to the forefront of state and national news and politics. Floridians in many areas are suffering collapse of real estate values, tourism, commercial and recreation fishing businesses and overall quality of life. 

What needs to happen in 2019? Florida's Governor Elect Ron DeSantis has vowed to redirect and invigorate FDEP and SFWMD. He appointed Congressman Brian Mast (R-Stuart) to head his environmental transition team, and echoed Rep. Mast's determination to expedite reduction of toxic discharges and send more clean water south by changing the operations of Lake Okeechobee, prioritizing human health and restoration of the Everglades.

Federal funding of at least $200,000,000 must be appropriated for the next several years to move forward with the actual construction of the EAA project. There is already an extensive backlog of funding appropriations from WRDA bills in 2007, 2014, and 2016 which include authorizations for ACOE projects on navigation, flood control, hydropower, ports, harbors and inland waterways.  

We can no longer move Everglades Restoration along at the speed of a glacier. Florida has set the funding aside. The federal government must do the same in 2019 to save this American treasure, the health, economy and lifeblood waters of South Florida. 


Islamorada, FL
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President Trump must help secure the South Florida economy by investing in Everglades restoration. The Everglades is more than just one of the world's unique ecosystems, it is vital to the prosperity of this region. The Everglades supports South Florida's economy because it is our primary source of drinking water and it sustains the tourism, recreation and real-estate sectors of our economy.

The Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2017 was included in the legislation passed Thursday by Congress, providing more than $100 million to combat HABs like red tide. It also establishes a process to declare an "Event of National Significance." That declaration would trigger disaster-like funding for affected communities. 

Ron DeSantis will takes the helm in 2019 and the jury is still out on whether or not he will come through on campaign promises about his concern for the environment.

DeSantis comes to his new job with an undeniably poor track record when it comes to the environment.

Congress quietly passed the farm bill, a vast collage of legislation affecting the agricultural economy of the United States. This law, which Congress updates every five years, undergoes constant revision.

But a few things never change. Foremost among these are the elaborate protections and subsidies given to the nation's wealthy farmers of sugarcane and sugar beets.

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