APRIL 2018
Greetings, and welcome to the spring edition of the Community Advisor

Thank you to all of you who attended our Annual Law Seminars and Expos this year. It was our pleasure to host you and share the latest developments in community association law. We have included below the link to our PowerPoint presentation from the Key Note and Education Sessions.

Our team has also published two articles for you. Click on the links below to check out one of George's most popular articles, recently updated, “Water, Water, Everywhere... and Who Do You Think is Gonna Pay” and “The Right Way to Take Meeting Minutes" by Rebecca Drube. In other news, I look forward to presenting at the Community Associations Institute’s Annual Conference in May in Washington, DC on Hot Legal Topics , and sharing the latest trends and hot topics with all of you when I return.

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Julie Howard
Julie McGhee Howard
Editor, Community Advisor 
Water, Water Everywhere... and Who Do You Think is Gonna Pay?
by George E. Nowack, Jr.
Water damage is the most common casualty claim in buildings with attached units. Whenever water escapes from a pipe or hot water heater, or an appliance malfunctions or a bathtub overflows, the natural reaction of the owner whose unit is flooded or damaged is: “Someone else has to get rid of the water and repair my unit.”
The Right Way to Take Meeting Minutes
by Rebecca Drube, Esq.
Georgia law requires associations to keep minutes of all meetings of its members, its board of directors, and its committees when such committees are acting in place of the board. While most boards of directors are aware of the obligation to keep meeting minutes, many boards, at one time or another, have faced the question as to what information needs to be included in the minutes to ensure that an accurate record is being maintained.

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