Happy (Almost) Anniversary

Greetings and welcome to this issue of our eNewsletter, the Community Advisor. It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the anniversary of our first successful year in business. Your support has been validating and inspiring and has also allowed us to grow and expand our services and our team. We’re pleased to announce the hiring of two new Associates, Victoria Baggett and David Grossman, and you can learn more about them below, in our Announcements section.  

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Julie Howard
Julie McGhee Howard
Editor, Community Advisor


We are excited to announce and recognize two new associates who recently joined our team, Victoria Baggett and David Grossman.  

Victoria Baggett works with community associations advising clients on ways to maximize legal recovery and/or avoid liability exposure. With specialized experience in creditors' rights and recoveries, Victoria brings a unique perspective to maximizing the recovery of collection debts for community associations.  

David Grossman, a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia, comes from an extensive litigation background in both federal and Georgia superior courts. At the firm, David represents condominium and homeowner associations in a wide range of litigation matters, including general liability tort suits, breach of fiduciary duty claims, covenant enforcement actions, and delinquent assessment collection lawsuits.

Please join us in welcoming Victoria and David to our NowackHoward community.

The Duty of Care of Association Directors and Officers
by Julie Howard and George Nowack

While most residents have a positive view of their community association, there is a common misunderstanding of their fiduciary roles and responsibilities in the media. This article reviews what it means to be a fiduciary, examines the four fiduciary duties of community association board members, and concludes with an explanation of the standard of conduct for directors.


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We’ve decided to Foreclose….
Now what?

by Melinda Banks

Our clients whose communities have statutory foreclosure rights pursuant to the Georgia Condominium Act or Property Owners’ Association Act are using this authority now more than ever. If we secure a judgment against a delinquent owner in your community and your judgment order includes the right to foreclose the judgment lien, we will notify you when the judgment is entered and ask if the Association is interested in pursuing foreclosure. Should your community choose to move forward with foreclosure of its judgment lien, the logical next question many boards face is, "What happens next?”

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