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Today we bring you a powerful new music video by the AFCECO Choir (an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan), led and arranged by Afghan composer Qudrat Wasefi. Several musicians from Cuatro Puntos Ensemble got to participate in this recording, and Cuatro Puntos has plans to work with Qudrat on various projects in the coming years.

Here is a note from Qudrat about the Persian holiday of Nowruz, which marks the coming of spring and the new year in Afghanistan and Iran:

"Nowruz is an ancient festival that marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. As beautiful flowers begin to blossom, it reminds us winter is not, in fact, eternal. Nowruz tells us the dark era of the Taliban will not be eternal as well; flowers will blossom again. Let’s keep the hope alive!!!"

The following music and footage was bravely recorded in Kabul, Afghanistan since the fall of Kabul. The bravery of these young people is tremendous.

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Original Composer: Enrico Macias
Arrangement & Lead: Qudrat Wasefi
Choir: AFCECO Student Choir
Rubab: Fayaz Haidary
Tabla: Hasmat
Violin: Mohamed Aly Farag & Sevinch Majidi
Viola: Kevin Bishop
Clarinet: Oliver Pashley
Trumpet: Qudrat Wasefi
Zirbaghali: Najib Angar
Mix & Mastering: Nickolas O'Berin
Camera: Sami Murtaza
Video editing: Adam Bernstein & Sushant Chaudhary
Poster Painters: Dunya Artal & Khadija Shorish

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