The NUREDRAIN project is testing filter technologies and filter materials which can remove and/or trap nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) before they reach receiving waters and cause eutrophication. 

This newsletter brings you an update about the latest developments and the test results of the project.

VIDEO Phosphorus removal filter in a water production centre
In its water production centre 'De Blankaart' De Watergroep is testing P filtration systems together with research institute VITO. 

VIDEO Phosphorus removal filter boxes for drained agricultural fields
Ghent University and Inagro test filter systems for drainage water in arable fields. An easy to install box with filter substrate at the drainage pipes can reduce the phosphorus (P) losses significantly.

Inagro evaluates the fertilization potential of P-saturated iron coated sand on maize

Can iron coated sand (ICS) saturated with P be used as a fertilizer for maize?
In April 2019 Inagro set up a pot trial with maize.

Maize was chosen because this crop has a high phosphorus demand throughout the season, especially during its early growth stage.

Venner Bruchkanal: Improved P filter system with iron-coated sand is ready

Since the start of the NuReDrain project, the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture developed and constructed a filter shaft to collect and filter water from a drained field before it flows into the receiving water.
In the past months improvements have been made to deal with clogging due to the presence of ochre flocs..

PCS tests Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor at horticultural farms

The field performance of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) for nitrogen removal on effluent from greenhouses is being tested by PCS.
The test results from two floristries in Belgium show promising results.

Inagro builds a constructed wetland inspired by examples of Aarhus University

The research institute Inagro obtained new experimental fields for research on arable land and open air horticulture.

Because nitrate losses from drainage water are an important issue in Flanders and based on the experience of NuReDrain partner Aarhus University a constructed wetland has been built to evaluate its performance in local conditions.

Upcoming NuReDrain Events
In the coming period, NuReDrain will be represented at events and workshops in different countries.
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