June 2020
The NUREDRAIN project is testing filter technologies and filter materials which can remove and/or trap nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) before they reach receiving waters and cause eutrophication. 

This newsletter brings you an update about the latest developments and the test results of the project. 
Nuredrain project continues until September 2021
Translating lab research to field demonstration is always challenging: it turns out colder that you had hoped for, it rains more then you can cope with, a pump fails and a filter clogs... Therefore, the Interreg North Sea Region program has approved a request for a 1 year project lifetime extension to facilitate for another season of field experiments.
Copenhagen University test zero valent iron filter pilot for nitrate filtration
University of Copenhagen is testing a so-called Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) filter for nitrate filtration at its Taastrup Campus. Through this filter, the nitrate in drainage water is being reduced to ammonium by metallic iron (ZVI), and the ammonium produced is being retained on a zeolite cation exchanger. The new idea is to recycle nitrogen.
Reuse P in iron coated sand as fertilizer: results additional pot trials
What is the recovery potential from phosphorus captured in Iron Coated Sand (ICS) filter granules as fertilizer? PCS Ornamental Plant Research conducted a new series of pot trials on different plant species.
KU Leuven investigates the possibility of integrating phosphorus adsorbing materials in a circular process
The regeneration of saturated P filter materials and the recovery of adsorbed phosphorus, is part of the research within the NuReDrain project. Researchers at KU Leuven have developed a method to remove a large part of the adsorbed phosphorus from the adsorption material by means of an alkaline desorption process.
Build your own MBBR filter for N removal
Nitrate removal can be achieved by biological denitrification to nitrogen gas. NuReDrain partner PCS has been intensively testing the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) filter that uses this principle as working mechanism. A complete and easy to use construction manual of this filter can be downloaded on our project website.
Learn more about nutrient removal filters in the NuReDrain Filter Fact Sheets
You want to know more about the operating conditions, removal efficiency, investment costs and operational expenditures of our filter systems?
Download the NuReDrain Filter Fact Sheets on our project website.
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