In this issue - Westinghouse, New Products, QA, Optical Fibers and more

CableLAN Nuclear welcomes you to our June 2017 newsletter. It's been quite an interesting first half of 2017. We remain confident in the importance of nuclear power in providing a highly reliable electric power system consistent with clean energy goals.

We offer a complete line of media converters and Ethernet switches. Please read about it in "We're Not Just Cable!" below.

We can help reduce your purchasing costs by using industry experience and our NQA-1 plan. Read more below.

This issue also examines the current problems of Westinghouse (Toshiba) and temperature effects on optical fibers.

We welcome  comments and suggestions about the newsletter. Enjoy!  
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We're Not Just Cable!

CableLAN Nuclear is the premier supplier of fiber optic and electrical communication cables to nuclear power plants around the world. But beyond cables, we also supply associated products, including cable asssemblies and patch cords.

The expanding use of UTP category cables, with their distance limitations, makes electrical to fiber optic media conversion an important part of your network. One of our major suppliers – Signamax – has been supplying Industrial equipment for many years (along, of course, with commercial versions). Their Industrial Media Converters & Ethernet Switches offer flexibility, reliability, and advanced technology, such as Power over Ethernet, that allows high-capacity network support. The industrial versions have enhanced operating temperature ranges that are needed in nuclear power plant.

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CableLAN Nuclear - your sourcing specialist
New Program Benefits You 
CableLAN Nuclear is your sourcing specialist for fiber optic and electrical cables and associated equipment, including connectors, switches, patch panels, patch cords, media converters and other products. We can save you time and money and simplify your purchasing by buying from us!

Shortly after our last Nuclear Newsletter, Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy. Two interesting articles appeared in recent weeks. First, Westinghouse’s CEO, Jose Gutierrez, spoke at an NEI conference in late May, where he reaffirmed that the plan is to emerge from bankruptcy stronger and more competitive. Second, also in late May, they announced that the financing was completed.

Please read our summary of where things stand, including the bankruptcy, US AP-1000 updates and other items of interest.

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Temperature Effects on Optical Fiber and Cable

For those who missed our last issue, we've repeated this information.

Optical fiber and cables are usually rated for operation at temperatures of up to 80C. In a nuclear plant, temperature transients can be much higher. Transient changes in attenuation during rapid heating and cooling remained below 1.2 dB/km in all cases. Singlemode fibers showed less thermal excursion sensitivity than multimode fibers, and bend insensitive fibers showed almost no change in attenuation during thermal excursions.  

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Thanks for reading this newsletter. It has been an exciting time for nuclear power, with activity in the US and around the world. CableLAN Nuclear is the leading supplier of fiber optic and electrical category cables to nuclear plants around the world, and are continuing to expand our product offering.