In this issue - New Safety Related Fiber Cables, Prysmian merger

Welcome to the June 2018 Nuclear Newsletter.

We lead off this month with our introduction of safety related fiber optic cables. The new cables are breakout style cables, in both zero halogen and fluoropolymer materials.

We also update the work going on in IEEE standards. This work applies to new and existing plants.

Next, we discuss the merger of Prysmian Cable and General Cable, which is expected to occur this week (June 5).

Finally, did you know we offer a complete line of media converters and Ethernet switches. Please read about it in "We're Not Just Cable!" below.

That wraps up this issue. We welcome  comments and suggestions about the newsletter. Enjoy!  
Introducing New Safety Related Cable Styles
To meet the need for safety related fiber optic cables, we've introduced two new series of breakout cables that meet these requirements.

The first series, S5024T, are Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables, similar to our series S690T cables (non-safety related).

The second series, S5030T, are PVC-free cables that are meant for plants that are committed to higher flame ratings. These cables are similar to our series S753T cables (non-safety related).

Both series are made under QA program in accordance with NQA-1 and 10CFR50, Appendix B.
The success of nuclear power depends on high quality products with proven performane. IEEE Standards and technical topics for engineers serving nuclear power plants are always under consideration by various IEEE groups. As work continues on new plants, new reactor types and plant life extension, these standards are more relevant than ever.

We at CableLAN Nuclear encourage you to join with us on these important projects. The groups are open to new members and the contacts you can make at these meetings will prove beneficial to you, your company and your plants.

Read the latest about the IEEE ICC and IEEE NPEC SC-2, who are hard at work on these efforts.
Prysmian Cables and General Cable to combine June 6

The supply chain for electrical and fiber optic cables will change this week as Prysmian acquires General Cable. The merger was announced last year and has approval from multiple international government agencies. The direct impact on the nuclear market that both companies share is unknown, but we don't expect any short-term dramatic changes.

We're Not Just Cable!
CableLAN Nuclear is the premier supplier of fiber optic and electrical communication cables to nuclear power plants around the world. But beyond cables, we also supply associated products, including cable assemblies and patch cords.

The expanding use of UTP category cables, with their distance limitations, makes electrical to fiber optic media conversion an important part of your network. One of our major suppliers – Signamax – has been supplying Industrial equipment for many years (along, of course, with commercial versions). Their Industrial Media Converters & Ethernet Switches offer flexibility, reliability, and advanced technology, such as Power over Ethernet, that allows high-capacity network support. The industrial versions have enhanced operating temperature ranges that are needed in nuclear power plant.
Thanks for reading our newsletter. It has been an exciting time for nuclear power, with activity in the US and around the world. CableLAN Nuclear is the leading supplier of fiber optic and electrical category cables to nuclear plants around the world, and are continuing to expand our product offering.
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