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Nueva Alma now presents to you...
asana, lifestyle, meditation, acceptance
Center for yoga and holistic education

Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness is proud to present 
the A.L.M.A Institute - Center for yoga and holistic education.  
The Asana, Lifestyle, Meditation, Acceptance model allow the teacher training program to be one of a kind!
The A.L.M.A Institute is a registered as an RYS200 with the Yoga Alliance organization, which means we can now offer the foundational 200 hr teacher training programs.

Whether you are looking to gain your certification to become a teacher or simply to deepen your own practice, this training was created to empower and arm the trainees with a comprehensive battery of tools gained to move through their own evolution to move beyond asana and bust through to their greatest potential and in return offer this wonderful gift to their own students. 

The training was created and is taught by Erica Garcia, owner of Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness and the Director of Teacher Training at the A.L.M.A Institute.  As you all know, Erica has over 27 year with her own practice, has taken multiple yoga trainings and certifications, continued education and is a certified holistic health coach.  She has weaved a program that is about being inclusive because yoga should not be a exclusive club.  Yoga should be accessible to all regardless of age, size, color and spiritual beliefs and that is what you can see in the yoga community who come to the studio.  

This program is also about growth and transformation.  
From the way she teaches her classes to the way she will teach the program will be broken down in to a format that is accessible to all. 

In the traditional sense, yoga seeks to unite the mind, body and spirit.  However, we feel you can't get there through asana alone. Personal mentorship and health coaching added with deep personal growth exercises allows the trainees to feel fully supported and challenge themselves to grow. 

The ALMA method connects mindful and intellectually sequenced asana with conscious breath to deep savasana and meditation in each class. 

Erica has always been committed to creating a yoga community that feel more like an extension of your own family.  
The A.L.M.A Institute is committed to guiding you on a comprehensive foundation at an affordable price!!

"If it's both Terrifying AND Amazing then you should definitely pursue it!" Anonymous 

The "You" that will you will be in the end will NOT be the same person that started the program. Whether you are looking to teach afterwards, or just want to enrich, change your life, empower yourself, grow and find your purpose.... 
This would be the BEST 3 months 
 and INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF you could every make!
We would hope you would consider joining us! 
100% Attendance is required. The schedule is doable, particularly for the working adult and those with other family obligations. 
Our first program will be a 13 week - Part time training
First day - April 17, 2016
Graduation day - Sunday, July 10, 2016
Sundays 8:00 - 7:00pm
Monday & Wednesday evenings 5:30 - 10:00pm
April 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27

May 1, 2, 5  
May 8 - Mother's day - 8am-12:30pm only
Must take morning classes - no lectures  
May 9, 11, 15, 16,18,22,23,25  
May 29 - Memorial Day Sunday -  Make up day  
Opportunity to make up class hours, or get in class observations or required teacher assists only  
May 30 - Memorial day - No classes

June 1, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15  
June 19 - Father's day - no lectures -  Make up day
Opportunity to make up class hours, or get in class observations or required teacher assists only  
June 20, 22, 26, 27, 29

July 3
July 4 - Independence day - Studio closed
July 6
July 10 - Graduation day
Tuition Fees 
All fees payable by cash, personal check or credit card (MC, VISA, AMEX) Financial aid is unavailable at this time. However, you may apply for the Work/Study Commitment or Nueva Alma scholarship. See details below
$100.00 non-refundable application fee
due at time of application
Application fee is applied towards tuition, if accepted in to the program.
Tuition Payment Options
Payment in full - One transaction Discount
* Payment any time up until 30 days before program start
Installments or  within 30 days of start of program
* Payment in full due 2 weeks before start of program
Payment plans extended after the first day of the program is available on exception basis (upon approval of the Director of Training). To be discussed at time of application and interview. If granted, a minimum $1,000 deposit will be due within 48 hours upon acceptance in program. Additional payments due every 30 days until paid in full - max 5 months. Tuition MUST be paid in full 30 days prior to scheduled graduation date.
Definitely know you want to teach yoga once you are certified?  
 Nueva Alma is always looking for teachers.
Special Work Study Karma tuition price $2700
 Must commit to teaching 26 Karma classes
Can be 1 class a week on the schedule (for 26 weeks)
-or- 2 classes a week (for 13 weeks)
Subject to availability
Must interview with Director of Training * Contract required
Refunds:  Application fee $100.00 is non refundable Student will receive full refund (paid by check) minus $500.00 administrative fee, if they cancel their program admission within 30 days of the first day of class.
No refunds will be made after the program start date. 
Additional questions, inquire with Erica directly at Erica@NuevaAlma.com

Intrigued? Still on the fence?  Perhaps have more questions?  
Come dressed to take a yoga class and demo. You will be able to apply and interview in person.  You will be able to either pay in full or inquire about our payment plan options.

SUNDAY, MARCH 13th - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  Those that sign up that day (with payment in full) will still be able to take advantage of the early bird special! $2,800! Don't miss out!
SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Get your first class training right in your backyard.  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!  COME WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO THE OPEN HOUSE TOO!  Take this journey either alone or with a friend. All welcome.

For more details visit our OFFICIAL WEBSITE
For full syllabus outline visit our school page via the

To sign up for the teacher training or any of the open houses, reserve your spots today at  MINDBODY ONLINE 
 (click on the workshops/teacher training tab)

We hope you consider training with us!!

Erica Garcia
Owner,  Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness
Director of Teacher TrainingA.L.M.A Institute - Center for yoga and holistic education

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