August 2018

Dealing with the #1 Event Planning Challenge
Reduced Budgets
In a survey of corporate event planners by Social Tables, ten challenges were identified. The number one challenge? Reduced budgets. 

Several of the other challenges also had a financial component such as a desire to increase technology, improve return on investment and dealing with increased governmental restrictions. 

How Can an Event Planner Save Money?

One of the ways to manage the budget is to use exhibit rentals to create a powerful yet affordable environment for your corporate event. 

Rather than spending the budget on fragmented components for your next corporate event, consider consulting with an Event Specialist at E&EĀ®.  We can help your company create an effective event environment. 

For an Event Planner, getting buy-in from those that hold the purse strings is critical. As you put the budget together, make sure you are able to show the benefits and ROI of each visual aspect of your event.

Michelle Bell, Director of Events at  Capture Marketing , offers this advice:
Typically people see corporate events as really big, expensive parties, but neglect to see it for what it is - a relationship building experience and/or employee retention tool.
The Solution
If the overall event goal is to retain customers, illustrate the number of people that attend year after year, survey attendees following the event, etc. Show them that the event will be fun, but will also be purposeful.  Once they understand the importance of the event, you can talk about the budget. 

Creating a corporate event environment that is engaging and entertaining will ensure attendance and increase the buzz during and afterwards. 

Alicia Johnston, Accounts Manager (CFO) for  New York Party Works
 offers this advice for creating an effective corporate event environment:

For corporate events, Photo Entertainment & Casino nights are the most popular. These types of events keep employees engaged and having fun together. Remember you want your employees to leave the event talking about what a great time  they had.

Regardless of the size of your event, the visual aspect will determine the tone that is set the minute attendees enter the venue. From the Welcome Banners to the in-room gift bags, creating a cohesive, memorable event requires visual touches that reflect your brand, vision and mission. 

If your next corporate event requires exhibit components, consider how using rental displays can help you stay within the budget guidelines. 

Interested in learning more about how to create a memorable corporate event using rental exhibit displays?  E&E Exhibit SolutionsĀ® can help.  Give us a call.  
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