Save These Dates!

January 20 - Parenting for LYFE @ 11:15 in the Social Hall

February 8 - Lego Movie Lock-in for Club 67

February 10 - Parenting for LYFE @ 11:15 in the Social Hall

February 17 - Tools of the Trade, Copper Street Brass Family Concert @ 1:00 in the Sanctuary

March 8 - Buck Hill All-Night Ski Event for Club 67

March 17 - Parenting for LYFE @ 11:15 in the Social Hall

April 13 - Family Easter Egg-stravaganza

May 5 - Parenting for LYFE @ 11:15 in the Social Hall

Snap Shot

Whirl - Team Blue, Purple & Green 
Last Week (12/30) Movie Day

This Week (1/6) Simeon and Anna

Next Week (1/13)   The Wise Men
Connect - Team
Last Week (12/30)    
Movie Day

This Week (1/6) Authority 
Next Week (1/13)  Rewind

Re:form - Club 67 
Last Week (12/30)     
Movie Day

This Week (1/6) Was Jesus of Nazareth God?

Next Week (1/13)
  Did Jesus know that he was God?
June 10-June 14  Vacation Bible School 

June 23-June 29  LYFE Camp

July 7-July 12  Intergenerational Mission Trip

July 15-July 19  Kids Music Camp

August 12-August 15  Earth Camp

Nursery News!
Our nursery is growing!  
So. Many. Babies!
The rapid increase in our nursery attendance is the best kind of problem to have, and we are thrilled to have these little ones joining our Hennepin Kids family.  In order to provide the best care possible for these little ones, we are making some changes to our Hennepin Kids class groupings beginning this Sunday.  Please check our updated signs to make sure that you are dropping off and picking up your children in the correct room.  Following is an outline of the changes being implemented:
  • Wee Ones Nursery (Room 101) will be dedicated to babies from birth - 24 months.
  • The Blue Team Classroom (Room 103) will shift to Preschool 2's & 3's.  If you have a child that is 2 years old or older, and you would normally drop them off in the nursery, please drop them off in room 103.  You will still receive a pager, if needed.  This includes children of choir members.
  • The Purple Team classroom transitions to Preschool 4's and 5's.  Our current 4 and 5 year olds from our Blue Team will "graduate" into the Purple Team class.

Even the best problems require timely and creative solutions.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to provide the best worship experience possible for all of our Hennepin Kids and their families.  If you have feedback or questions, please contact Lynne Carroll at


Join us on Sunday, January 20th!
We begin 2019 by welcoming child development expert and author Dr. Dawn Rundman, who will introduce her book, "Little Steps, Big Faith."  In her book, Dr. Rundman navigates current early childhood brain reaserch to arrive at surprising insights about how very young children experience God and how parents can use science to teach faith.

Parenting for LYFE is an open, drop-in group that meets monthly to discuss all things parenting.  We welcome parents with children of all ages.  Grab brunch as a family, and tehn our child care helpers will have engaging activities for your little ones while parents have a chance to discuss a parenting topic of the day.
Club 67
Service + Cinema Lock-In: Lego Movie 2
7:00pm Friday, February 8 start
~12:00pm Saturday, February 9 end
Price TBD when showtimes released

Youth, Club 67, and parents who want to experience the new Lego Movie on opening weekend are encouraged to register for a service project with  Feed My Starving Children , a viewing of  The Lego Movie , and then a morning matinee of  Lego Movie 2  on opening weekend!

Registration will be up as soon as showtimes are up!

Copper Street Brass 
Family Concert
Sunday, February 17 @ 1:00 in the Sanctuary
Being a professional musician is something people do as a job. Just like a builder builds houses, we musicians use tools (instruments) and materials (building blocks of music) to do our job of building songs. We'll meet each brass instrument, learn its name and job, and hear how it is used as a tool to build songs using musical building blocks like melody, harmony, and rhythm. This program is open to all but is especially geared for kids ages 6-10.
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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8