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Snack Time
People Chow (puppy chow for people!)
melt 1 stick butter and 1 c. peanut butter or soy butter (never tried soy butter with this, so let me know it that works) and one 12 oz. pkg of chocolate chips in a microwave on medium setting until melted. (try 15 seconds at a time).  Stir.  Pour 1 large box of crispix cereal in a large mixing bowl.  Pour chocolate mix over top and combine thoroughly.  Place 1c. confectioner sugar in a brown paper bag. Put coated cereal in bag and shake until sugar coats the mixture. (or you could substitute coconut for sugar.)  It looks like puppy chow, but it's people chow! B'tay-avon

Music with Morah Pam

When Thursday Mar 27, 2020 11:30am - 12pm (EDT)

Have your child "read" YOU a favorite story by retelling or paraphrasing the book you often read over and over again. Or have your child read to a sibling or the dog or cat. Fish and birds are attentive as well.

Rhyming Flip Books 
Use a memo pad or notebook (recycle a partially used spiral notebook or message pad) and Write  two letters of common word families on the first page like  A-T. Then for each page that follows have your child cut out magazine pictures of rhyming words like cat, hat, bat, mat, rat, and write the word next to each picture.

This beginning sight word vocabulary can also be the basis of a home scavenger hunt. Can they find a cat, hat, bat (baseball not flying), mat (and hopefully NOT RAT)

You can vary the word family each week and do scavenger hunt and other activities highlighting the words. Or make a traffic signs flip book which then can be used in the car. My son's faves were STOP  and EXIT.


If you made the newspaper tree project from yesterday's ZOOM, bring it to our zoom today! Time for music and crafts.  Make a guitar from an empty rectangle tissue box (yes squares are good too). Gather 5-8 rubber bands.  Decorate the tissue box with stickers, collage materials, markers or crayons.  Put the rubber bands across the box opening and play on! Use empty(clean and dry) margarine
containers for maracas.  Decorate the outside. Put rice or noodles in the inside and we've got the beat!   Take an empty, clean coffee can, bread crumb container or oatmeal container and decorate the outside. Secure the lid and drum on! Ask brothers and sisters to join the band.

Mitzvah -this idea came from Sisterhood Co-chair Tammi Ecker 
If your child would like to do a mitzvah by "adopting" a housebound senior either to make phone calls or send pictures or letters, please email me and we will make the match and you can do the mitzvah.

Today we'll be starting our day at 9 am with a Zoom morning 
Tomorrow Thursday-wear a crazy hat
Friday-dress for Shabbat
Monday-Super hero day. Put on your super hero best to honor
              a hero in your family
Tuesday-Jersey Boys (and girls) wear your favorite team jersey
Wednesday-Backwards Day wear a hat, shirt or jacket in a new way
Thursday-wear a disguise  (purim mask or otherwise!)
Friday-dress for Shabbat

Fit and Fun

Trivia Question of the day: The answer to yesterday's question is there are 4  cups of wine at the seder table. Today's question:
Name one thing found on the seder plate.

Prior volumes of Stay at Home Play at Home are archived along with other great learning resourc e s o n the Bet Torah web page at   C lick on the tab at the very top of the homepage called "Remote Learning" in order to access the Nursery School resources and more.  


We have arranged for parenting coach and former Bet Torah Nursery School parenting facilitator (and recent Gala Honoree!) Adrian Kalikow to meet with our parents weekly to support you during these difficult times.

Join your friends and BTNS parents ...
Topic: BTNS Parents - Let's Get Together!
Time: Mar 26, 2020 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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hugs and kisses,
Who's food is delicious?  (Mommy? Daddy? Grandma? Yours?)
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.   

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