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Dramatic Play-overnight in the dessert
Supplies: Everyone has escaped with Moses from Pharoah in Egypt.
Find items around the house (sheets, blankets, pillows, pots, plastic plates) and work together to make a temporary shelter (think Sukkah) to rest for the night.  leave this desert home up for a bit.(maybe Mom can we sleep in it?) optional extension:  dress up in clothes of the time. think toga, robe, head dish cloth with headband. Enjoy a matzah snack. Why is our bread so flat?

please drop morah mindy an email if your child does not have a copy of MY VERY OWN HAGGADAH (given out at drive by Hi! and also delivered by mail and drop off) which we will be using next week for all of our curriculum content during morning ZOOM. Teachers may also be referring to this communal learning tool.

Snack Time - Bananas with Crunch
This is one of my children's favorite snacks, also served as dinner dessert.  Take a banana and slice it into disks. On the same plate put 1 tbsp of wheat germ. Children dip the bananas with a small form, seafood fork, (or toothpicks as they get older) into the wheat germ.  As my kids got older and as my husband wanted a sweeter dessert, he now adds 1 tbsp of coconut and 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup on the plate for a 3 dip option.  To make it neater/easier for your children and/or to add other fruit, line a muffin tin with cupcake papers with 1 item per cup: bananas, other fruit, syrup, wheat germ, coconut,crushed granola, choose! B'tay-avon

Music with Morah Pam

When Thursday Mar 27, 2020 11:30am - 12pm (EDT)

A to Z Scavenger Hunt
Have children gather articles from around the house that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  (yes they have to return them to the exact same place after this readiness exercise is done)

Toothpick alphabet
Give each child a pile or box of toothpicks and ask them to make the letters of their name (for older children-can they do the entire alphabet)

Letter or Name Tracing
Write your child's name (or for younger children just  the first letter)
on a sturdy piece of cardstock or cardboard.  Have them use different color crayons to trace the letter(s.) On a different day have them line up cheerios or raisins on the letter.


Make a seder, Shabbat or every day snack placement. Children color or collage a sheet of paper. use flat decoration. (sometimes cardstock or cut a manila folder-works better for the sheet.)  Use clear contact paper to cover both sides.  Or use clear packing tape to make it sponge-cleanable)

Great idea from Morah Jill Spinak:  use decorative tape and colored masking tape to make a Passover Afikomen bag. Decorate the outside of a sandwich or larger zip lock bag with multi color tape. Insert the afikomen at the seder when you break the middle matzah.

great fun idea from Keri and Zoe Davis: Make a seder frog with a paper plate.  Cut in half and color half green. Cut two large  (2 inch diameter) circles and color black eye balls in  each circle and glue the circles next to each other at the top of the green half circle          
Coming Soon: Morah Janet is preparing a special movement class for us. Details TBA. We'll need to find a floor space that's clear so we can move and dance together safely with Morah Janet!

Mitzvah-count your coins & have a tzedakah dinner discussion
Have you filled up a tzedakah box? Use dinner time to talk about how and where you will make a difference (tikkun olam) in our community or elsewhere.

Our song:  There are people who have plenty and there's people who have none.  So give your time or give a penny lend a hand to help someone.  TIkkun Olam, it is our way to make a difference every day.  (2x)
Today we'll be starting our day at 9 am with a Zoom morning 
It's crazy hat  day

Friday-Dress for Shabbat
When I first started as director of BTNS, we were preparing for a Shabbatini and I reminded the children to wear their Shabbas best.
A very upset Carly P. wailed:  Morah Mindy I don't HAVE a Shabbas vest.

Monday-Super hero day. Put on your super hero best to honor
              a hero in your family
Tuesday-Jersey Boys (and girls) wear your favorite team jersey
Wednesday-Backwards Day wear a hat, shirt or jacket in a new way
Thursday-wear a disguise  (purim mask or otherwise!)
Friday-dress for Shabbat

Fit and Fun

Trivia Question of the day: The answer to yesterday's question to
name one thing found on the seder plate:  did you say...egg, parsley, charoset, roasted bone, bitter herbs?  

Today's question is Why do some people and Morah Mindy put an orange on their seder plate:

Did you say ORANGE?  WHAT!  ORANGE? yes on my seder plate we have an orange. Tomorrow I'll tell you why


We have arranged for parenting coach and former Bet Torah Nursery School parenting facilitator (and recent Gala Honoree!) Adrian Kalikow to meet with our parents weekly to support you during these difficult times.

Join your friends and BTNS parents ...
Topic: BTNS Parents - Let's Get Together!
Time: Mar 26, 2020 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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hugs and kisses,
Sweet bedtime dreams and wishes
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.   

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