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It's Jersey Day today- Wear your favorite sports team jersey!

remember each day this week to have:
your eye spy glass
4-5 crayons
your My Very Own Haggadah
Your "every pupil response" happy face/sad face puppet
and today:  it's something GREEN

Dramatic Play-   parts of the story of Passover can be made into a puppet show or play with the children (and adults) playing different parts.  You can do this at home or do it on   ZOOM if you are sharing seder with loved ones near and far. Act out these scenes:
Finding baby Moses in the basket
Moses and the burning bush
Moses asking Pharoah to let my people go
The Exodus across the parting Red Sea                     
Snack Time - It's time to bake your own matzah!

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Topic: Music with Morah Pam
Time: Apr 2, 2020 11:30 AM 


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most requested lyrics

open your Very Own Haggadah to find:

The Frog Song
Bang Bang Bang (the building song)
Oh Listen King Pharoah

Fine Motor Skill Dot to Dot
Use construction paper, crayons, markers, sticker dots or adhesives and ask your child(ren) to imagine a picture that has something to do with Passover (cup of Elijah, matzah, seder plate, haggadah, egg).
ask them to put the dots on a paper and ten draw a Passover picture joining the dots together. Ask them to talk about what they drew and why it's part of Passover.
(for additional practice and math readiness, parents pick a shape or Passover item and put dots on the paper and number them. have the children start at 1 and connect to make a finished picture.

Passover Cards:  make Passover cards. Write the messages your child(ren) want to share and mail to a friend or loved one. Or take a walk and leave it in the mailbox or by the door of a neighbor.

W(h)ine  and Cheese with Mindy-parents only. 
A gathering place to to unw(h)in(e)d   wednesday


Topic: W(h)ine and Cheese with Mindy for Nursery School Parents
Time: Apr 1, 2020 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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My Very Own Haggadah Family Seder-adults only
Time: Apr 2, 2020 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)   THURSDAY
Learn how to use MY VEWRY OWN HAGGADAH for a preschool seder
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To purchase additional My Very Own Haggadah (like the ones your child has) call 1-800-4Karben  or if you have amazon prime. go online and get them in a day. My Very Own Haggadah by Judith Groner.  Also from Kar-Ben or on amazon prime, preview A Family Haggadah by Rosalind Silverman.  This large size print edition is great for beginning readers and also seniors with vision impairments. I have used it with my family for years and highly recommend.

If you don't have stickers for the seder plate we included in your fun bags, use tissue paper, pom poms, construction paper, clay etc. to make the items on the plate:
maror-bitter herbs- white or red mixture
karpas-green vegetable
betzah-white or brown egg
zeroa-roasted shankbone, white or brown
chazeret-also a bitter herb-a cucumber, radish or other bitter veggie
charoset-red,brown mixture of apples and nuts

matzah men and women:
coat a matzah tea cracker or 1/8 piece of matzah with glue and dry
glue on wiggle eyes or buttons for eyes, a nose and a red felt mouth
make a hat and collar from fabric scraps if you like. glue onto the matzah square.  finally glue a flat magnet (or cut one of your kitchen ad magnets from businesses)onto the back & dry for Matzah People
Time to Rise- Science Experiment
The Jewish people had to leave Egypt b efore their break had a chance to rise.  Children may find that hard to imagine. So here is a simple experiment to help with that concept:

Fill 2 glasses half full with warm water.  Stir a tablespoon of flour into one glass.  In the other mix half a package of yeast with the water. Add a tablespoon of flour with a little sugar to the yeast glass and mix.  Put both glasses in a warm place for 20-30 minutes. (if you are using fast-rising yeast it will not take as long).  This visual will show a dramatic explanation.

Bedtime Stories with Morah Mindy Wednesday

Topic: Bedtime Stories with Morah Mindy
Time: Apr 1, 2020 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Create a Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) Book:
Create a booklet of ideas of acts of loving-kindness to help your child be more aware of how he/she/they can help others.  Use  magazines, catalogues, old workbooks to cut out pictures of kind deeds. Use tag board for the cover and back cover. Use paper or construction paper for the middle sheets. Glue the pictures on the pages and have your child(ren) dictate the text. Staple, hole punch or use "brads" to put the book together. Decorate the cover.
Tikkun Olam it is our way, to make a difference every day.

Tomorrow it's 
Wednesday-Backwards Day wear a hat, shirt or jacket in a new way

Thursday-wear a disguise(purim mask, plagues mask or otherwise!)

Friday-dress for Shabbat

Trivia Question of the day: 
Yesterday's question:  what is the word for foods that cannot be eaten at Pesach?  chametz
Today's ?:     what's another word for a tzedakah box?


hugs and kisses,
Hope your family meals  today are delicious!
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at mindybaili@aol.com and we'll connect.   

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