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Important Message of Support and Resources for Parents from WJCS
Free weekly live streamed parenting groups, led by WJCS professionals will be starting  today Wednesday April 1st at 11 am, in partnership with the Westchester County department of Community Mental Health. The series, entitled "Parenting Through the Storm: One Breath at a Time," can be joined by parents throughout the county by phone or video connection. Topics will address how to manage stress, build structure, communicate better, and have fun while at home with children. A video of the meeting will be available afterward for those who cannot attend during the live session. To learn more, go to


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Snack Time - Morah Mindy's Chocolate Toffee Matzah

This is the first time in over 20 years that I won't be making this treat with our Bet Torah students But never fear! You can do this at home. Melt 1 stick of butter or margarine and 1 c. of brown sugar over medium heat. Stir for 5 minutes and watch so it does not burn.
Line cookie sheets with aluminum foil and place 4-6 sheets of matzah on the pan(s). Pour and spread the toffee mixture over the matzah and bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove the pans and sprinkle  12 oz of chocolate chips on the matzah. (careful with the children as the pans are hot).  let the chips sit and when they are melted have the children spread the chocolate over the toffee mixture.  If no allergies, sprinkle slivered almonds or chopped pecans. Cool in fridge. Break into pieces and store in airtight container.  You can make rocky road matzah by adding coconut shreds, craisins or raisins,etc. instead of or in addition to the nuts  But I'm a purist. Chocolate toffee is yoffee toffee (cc: cantor herman!)
Zoom music this week with Morah Pam
Music with Morah Pam TOMORROW
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One of These Things is not like the other
Use two zip lock bags and put a smiley face YES on one and a frowning face NO on the other (use an index card so the face can be seen  Use magazines, supermarket shopping circulars to cut out passover food (gefilte fish, kedem grape juice, matzah) and chametz (like bread, muffins, pizza..all my faves). Glue the foods on index cards or heavier paper. Have the children sort the foods into the Yes I can eat this bag and the "oops this is chametz bag"  in discussing Passover.

Says Who?-
We have been and will continue to read the story of Passover this week in our Haggadah. At the seder or even at the dinner table before the holiday, give context clues to see if your child can tell you who said:  I must save my baby boy! (Moses' mom).  I will follow Moses along the river to be sure he is safe.  (Miriam, Mose's sister)
Look a beautiful baby floating on the river (Pharoah's daughter).
I must help the Jewish people (Moses).  No No No I will not let them go (Pharoah), etc.
Paper Bag Balloons
Stuff a sandwich brown bag with newspaper to "inflate" your Balloon. Tie the bottom with yarn or ribbon. Use crafts materials, crayons, markers, to make family members or Jewish Bible heroes and heroines or even bad guys like King Pharoah.                      

Tzedakah-Creating a Gemilut Chasadim Tree
Find a branch outside that you can set in a pail or container in the play room or on your porch or deck. Cut leaves from construction paper in green, red, yellow and orange and tie each leaf with yarn so they can be tied to the tree branch when your children share an act of kindness. Write these kindnesses on the leaves and watch your tree bloom.  Tikkun Olam it is our way, to make a difference every day.

Dramatic Play-Bet Torah TV News one knows this but there are two or possibly 3 time capsules buried in the outdoor classroom by my former Religious School students and me at Bet Torah over 20 years ago.  ( day....maybe if we relocate the playground there, we will dig it up and gather all my former students -now well into their 20s -and see what was most important to them in the year we spent together.

Flash forward to's time for Bet Torah TV News starring news anchors --Your Children.  Have them "report" "write" and create the news happening right now during this unusual time in their lives and ours.  Video their news reports. (maybe include in the future bar/bat mitzvah collage) What do reporters do?  Can you make a TV anchor desk from a children's table and chairs. Make a microphone.  Use the thermometers from the holiday bags or have them make weather props to give a "circle time" weather report.  Then have them gather things that are important to them (but not too important that you won't mind burying them in the yard) and make a time capsule. Small capsules can be made from take out quart soup containers or plastic wipes boxes.  Larger capsules can be made from zip lock bags or metal boxes like recipe  containers.  Discuss as a family what is going in and why?  Dig a hole in the yard (side or back) and bury with a note of what these days have been like for your family and the date of the capsule.  Uncover in 10 or 20 years or if you move to remember  fondly or otherwise this unusual time.         

Thursday-wear a disguise  (purim mask or otherwise!)
Friday-dress for Shabbat



hugs and kisses,
Who likes gefilte fishes,
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.   

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