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Wear a disguise  today- a purim mask? or otherwise...wear a disguise!

remember each day this week to have:
your eye spy glass
4-5 crayons
your My Very Own Haggadah
Your "every pupil response" happy face/sad face puppet
and today:  it's something GREEN

Bet Torah's Virtual Seder
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If you responded to the Bet Torah message from Rabbi Brusso you may have already signed up for the synagogue virtual seder. Or click above to sign up. The first 15 minutes of this seder gathering will include our favorite Passover songs from My Very Own Haggadah including
The Frog Song
Building Cities (bang bang bang with your hammer low)
No No No I will not let them go
The Search for Chametz-Bedikat Chametz
It is a custom before Pesach (after the house is cleaned of chametz to begin the holiday) to hide ten pieces of chametz throughout the house to be found during a search. (think oyster crackers) put them in snack zip lock bags so they don't leave crumbs all over the floors.

Before you start the search, say the following blessing  (the children already know 3/4 of it!)

Baruch ata adonai, Eilohenu Melech Ha-olam Asher kiddishanu B'mitzvotov vitzivanu AL B-OOR CHAMETZ

The search is often carried out by candlelight, but let's think safety here and substitute a flashlight. Use a feather to whisk the crackers onto a wooden spoon and then put them into a paper bag.

When the search is complete, put the bag in a place where children and animals will not disturb it. On the following morning, the chametz (minus the plastic zip bags)  is burned.  The adult (doing the burning) (in a safe way in the yard) declares "May all leaven and leavened products that exist in my possession that I have not seen, not destroyed and do now know about, be considered like the dust of the earth.
 Dramatic Play-The Shma
The first prayer most children learn at Nursery school along with the Shabbat blessings is The Shma. We have also learned it in sign language. The prayer reminds us there is one G-d.

Shma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad.  
(Hear O Israel, (listen everyone) The Lord our G-d, The Lord is One

Share with your children what the prayer means to you.  When did you first learn (or hear) it. What does it mean to all of us. Ask your children to say it silently. Then out loud.  Then out loud with you or the whole family saying it together.  Ask your child(ren) to complete the following statements:

When I say Shma I_______________
The Shma is important (to me) because_________________
The Shma teachs me that___________
When I say Shma I feel_____________

Matzah Pizza: most missed food during Pesach for me is PIZZA!
You can make matzah pizza with 1 matzah board, 2 tbsp of marinara or red sauce, 3 tbsp of shredded mozzarella and a dash of oregano.  Put the matzah on a foil lined pan. Spread the sauce over the matzah. Sprinkle the cheese and add a dash of oregano. Add other toppings if desired: olives, mushrooms, one or two other shredded cheeses, green peppers, onions.
B'tay avon (happy eating!)

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Household Scavenger Hunt
Use a heavy cardstock, folder as paper or poster board to make a scavenger hunt check list with pictures and words.  Pictures can be stick figure drawings or use magazines to clip and glue photos.  Use 3-4 letter words.  These will become "sight words". Make 1-4 different hunts for all your children. Or switch it up each day. Use the words:  Dad's  Mom's  Your child's name and a Sibling name before each picture. The list can have 5 things for young children or 10 things for older children and up to 20(yikes!) for your elementary school children.  A sample might be:

Mom's hat  (picture or drawing of a hat)

Your child's name  sock

Dad's hat

Sister's name  mitten

Mom's boot                 etc.


My Very Own Haggadah Family Seder-adults only
Time: Apr 2, 2020 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)  TODAY
Learn how to use MY VERY OWN HAGGADAH for a preschool seder
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To purchase additional My Very Own Haggadah (like the ones your child has) call 1-800-4Karben  or if you have amazon prime. go online and get them in a day. My Very Own Haggadah by Judith Groner.  Also from Kar-Ben or on amazon prime, preview A Family Haggadah by Rosalind Silverman.  This large size print edition is great for beginning readers and also seniors with vision impairments. I have used it with my family for years and highly recommend.
Use crepe paper streamers, ribbon or string to hang 5-7 equally spaced streamers from the top of a door of your child's room, a basement playroom, closet etc.  Cut out pictures from supermarket circulars (look for the Passover section), newspapers or magazines)
to clip:  candles,  wine,  matzah,  bread,  a green vegetable,  hands (for handwashing).

We've been practicing the seder parts of the Haggadah daily at our Zoom meeting.
I encourage you to let your child lead as much of the seder as he/she can. Helpful prompting is terrific. In the days leading up to seder time, glue a picture of the blessing icon that your child knows or already as mastered.  Wine, bread, and candles may be the easier to start.  Use your MY Very Own Haggadah to practice. I'm proud of you!

Pillows to recline:
It is a custom to recline at the seder to remember that THEN we were slaves, but NOW we are free.  Use the felt sheet in many of your NS fun bags to make a pillow for your child to use during seder.  OR use two equal sized pieces of fabric.  Stitch, use a sewing machine, glue gun or "stick witchery" (the iron-on basting that you use to hem pants) to secure 3 sides.  Stuff with cotton balls, cotton batting, panty hose, pom poms, single socks or other items to make the pillow and close up the final side.
Teddy Bear Walk-about
Many neighborhoods are putting teddy bears in the window so your child can count them as they take walks.  Todah to the Twos who are doing the same.  NYC residents in apartment buildings are opening the windows at 7 pm to give a rousing TODAH RABAH  or woop woop to our nurses, doctors and first responders who are on the front lines helping us in this challenging time.  Open your door to give at cheer or put a teddy bear in the window to let everyone know, we're all in this together. You are not along.


I loved the old TD bank coin machine counter. I admit it. When we had to count 9 classes of tzedakah money, I would roll into the bank and deposit our coins. I loved to guess who much money we raised for our mitzvah of the month. These days I have a hard time paying the supermarket machines a % of our tzedakah money. Speaking of rolls. You have those coin rolls in your sock drawer or somewhere. Perfect time to do a mtizvah, do some math and roll those coins.  Talk to your children about the values of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  show visuals of how 5 copper pennies equals 1 silver nickel.  or how two silver nickels equals one shiny dimes.  (you do the math!) When it's safe to go out, bring the coins to the bank and decide  how you are going to "change" the world.  Tikkun olam it is our way to make a difference every day!

Thursday-TODAY wear a disguise(purim mask or otherwise!)

Friday-dress for Shabbat

GAN SHABBAT this Saturday with Morah Diana. Details tomorrow

Trivia Question of the day: 
Yesterday's question:  a pushke is  another word for a tzedakah box
Today's question: Who will you open the door for at your seder?


hugs and kisses,
Good health, much love and all good wishes
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at mindybaili@aol.com and we'll connect.   

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