Use this link today at 9 am and all week for our 9:00 Morning with Morah Mindy (parents need their coffee) time:

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Dress for Shabbat Today!  Shabbat Shalom!

At Shabbat Sing, our classes do our own version of Birkhat Ha-Shachar (Things we are thankful for)
Whether it's over your breakfast bowl, your Shabbat Table, your seder table or at your child's bedtime tuck in, it's a very
empowering exercise for our children (and me) to remember what we ARE thankful for (during this
difficult time).  Ask your children to "lead"

Baruch Ata Adonai,. Eiloheun Melech ha-olam  (blessed are you G-d. King of the Universe-translation)
We are thankful for ______________________ (your child, family member or you fill in the blank)
And let us all say Amen  (repeat prayer as many times as you have things to mention)


Tonight join the Cantor and Rabbi to welcome Shabbat with songs and parent blessings  Friday, April 3  -- Kabbalat Shabbat Schmooze and Service: At 6:15 pm we'll gather to offer Shabbat greetings to one another with words of Torah and home-based blessings. 
Then a Kabbalat service will begin at 6:30 pm. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/889983711. 


TOMORROW on  Shabbat morning, join Morah Diana for 
Virtual Gan Shabbat.
There will be songs, prayers, stories 
and of course, the Mitzvah Tree! 

Shabbat morning
April 4th

To join, click on this link: 
(You may have to copy and paste.  If you already have the zoom app, you can copy and paste the meeting ID: 9278582350) 

  My daughter and her family will be zooming seder with us this year so I was asked to send recipes of the things I would be         making for seder dinner.  Here is the
  link to a google doc with some dishes quite delicious that you might want to add to your
  week of Passover meals. 

Important Message from Morah Mindy:
Next week is (for some) our scheduled spring break.  Our teachers will not be zooming or teaching online next week but you are not alone.  I will zoom our meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Pesach each morning at 9 am. 

I won't see you Thursday or Friday but do look for an email regarding Shabbat services on zoom so you can still connect to our Bet Torah Family.

Teachers and my daily zoom (at 9 am) will resume on April 13 and 14. No sessions on the end of the chag (holiday)  April 15 and 16.  We will resume again on Friday April 17. Below are some wonderful sites for you to enhance your holiday.
Passover Online Resources for Parents               

Young Family Passover Resources from Bet Torah Nursery School

Stories, activities, podcasts, pre-seder checklists

Recipes,meals,significance of Passover

Lesson Plans, Activities, Resources

Guided lessons, hands on activities, online games, printable worksheets by grade

5 passover movies to watch with your kids

Make your own haggadah

Worksheets, crafts, recipes

To purchase: seder plates, toys, matzah covers, apparel

Crafts, games, activities, haggadot

1-800-4Karben  to purchase children's and adult large print haggadot

Now through May 1, select Passover eBooks will be available for free via the online Kar-Ben/Lerner Bookshelf. These eBooks are available as multi-user editions that allow for unlimited simultaneous access by every student in your school or by any family member. Kids can access the digital bookshelf via a direct link or QR code. After Passover, we will add additional collections of free eBooks that will be available through June 30.
Username: passover
Password: passover

If you have made a paper seder plate or used the seder plate template included in our art bags you can glue that in between two clear plates and then glue a paper cup up side down underneath to make it more 3-D on your seder table.  Time to pull out past and this year's indoor art season Passover crafts to decorate your seder table.

Below please find the link for the 4th HappyFeet At Home on-demand video class for your child to enjoy at a time convenient for your family.  All you need is a ball -- soccer ball, basketball, kick-ball, etc.  The video classes capture the excitement and exuberance that HappyFeet is known for!  

A Local Mitzvah 
Bet Torah Member Rhea Finkelstein shared this Email from Northern Westchester Hospital:
.....NWH is in the process of renting 5 ventilators for a total of $30,000.  They are also looking to house staff who live with immunocompromised family members (spouses, children and elderly patients), who may have concerns because they are working daily with COVID positive patients. NWH is providing free childcare for staff because schools are closed and the Hospital cannot  afford to have nurses and other direct care providers call out from work because they have no childcare.
These expenses are unexpected and very quickly climbing. We are fortunate that unlike many hospitals around the country, we've stayed on top of our supply chain and we've made sure that our staff have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies they need. But this is something we have to constantly stay on top of, and we do need the community's help to continue to meet these needs.

If anyone is interested in donating online they can go  to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund .  

Of course, anyone can speak with me directly about how they can help. 
Keeva Young-Wright 
President, NWH Foundation/ VP External Affairs

Tikun Olam it is our way to make a difference every day.


hugs and kisses,
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at mindybaili@aol.com and we'll connect.   

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