Some stay at home play at home things to do with love from Morah Mindy

Good morning Boker tov tov tov
Good morning Boker tov
Good Morning Boker tov tov tov
Good morning Boker tov!

Shabbat Shalom! Our friends at the Leffell School have invited all of you to a virtual Shabbat sing along. And since we are not gathering today for Shabbat Sing, join our friends and celebrate Shabbat!

Virtual Shabbat Kids Song Session today March 13 from 10:00 - 10:15 a.m.
Get your shakers ready! Join us virtually to get in the mood for Shabbat!  
To access the Zoom session on Friday at 10:00 a.m., click here:

Looking forward to singing with you!

Things to Do for Me and You!

Robyn and Emily Chapman reminded me that there is a Purim puzzle in your Shalach Manot! Great way to spend part of the day.
For larger puzzle pieces and sometimes to challenge your youngest AND oldest children, turn the picture pieces over and see if they can assemble the puzzle without the pictures to help.

With fewer plastic bags from stores, we could use your help in collecting clean newspaper plastic bag sleeves or veggie bags for diaper disposal in our classrooms. Feel free to leave any clean plastic bags in our Nursery School kitchen and we will give them a second life!

Collect toilet paper and paper towel rolls in your home to role up extension cords and computer and television wires. tuck in the roll and label on the cardboard and store neatly in a drawer or the garage or basement catch all for loose (not sorted) wires.

Use clean empty plastic wipes boxes for a small and second sewing kit to keep on your first floor, in the car, to take camping or traveling. Why haul the large and cumbersome (at least in my house) sewing basket with EVERYTHING when you just need a needle and thread.
What else can you use these plastic boxes for? markers, crayons, art supples, kitchen and garage items, small night light bulbs, etc.

Healthy Snacks
Use small baby food jars or any small container to make salad dressing to accompany veggie dips for healthy snacking.  Use the ratio 2/3 oil to 1/3 vinegar.  (i.e. 2 tablespoons oil to one tablespoon vinegar or make a larger quantity)

Put the liquid in the jar (or small tupperware container and add the herbs you think your children might like.  Use the Emeril Lagassi "bam" method of adding a pinch of salt, garlic powder, pepper, oregano, thyme, basil or other spices.  Be bold and add a 1/2 tsp or prepared mustard if you like.  Cover the container and shake it all about. Do the salad pokey and you turn your self around. That's what it's all about!

You can use that festive cupcake papered muffin tin for carrots, cukes, celery and other veggie favorites and encourage your child to dip and snack.

Hokey Pokey with Hebrew words. Use the words for

Have your child(ren) teach you the Hokey Pokey with Hebrew words instead!

Time to Phone a Friend
Need a break? Be a Mitzvah maker, phone a friend or relative, a grandma or grandpa and put your child on the phone to brighten their day.  For children who sometimes have trouble remembering what to say or how to enjoy a longer conversation, make a pictorial cheat sheet so they can remember to talk about what they ate, what they made, where they played, who they played with or anything else you think they would like to report.  A simple bowl of cereal, stick figure (friend), swing, heart to remind them to say, "I love you."

SHHHH-It's Morah Dani's birthday  on monday-surprise her with a birthday card!

SHHH-It's Morah Lisa's birthday on March 24 -surprise her with a birthday card

SHHHH-It's Morah Risa's Birthday on March 29-surprise her with a birthday card

Many of our classes do make Shabbat boxes with items to use at Shabbat. Make one this weekend for your family or a loved one or friend:

Use a disposable clear goblet to make a kiddush cup. Paint glue on the stem and sprinkle glitter or use stickers, sequins or glitter on the cup sides.  (To preserve the art, use a disposable 3 oz or 5 oz cup inside the plastic cup each time so you don't have to wash off the art.

Use a handkerchief or a piece of felt to make a challah cover.  Use fabris paint, stickers, or glue and glitter to write Shabbat in English or Hebrew or make a design.

Candlesticks can be made of clay, bottle caps, large spools or be creative.

Make a festive placemat. Decorate and cover with clear adhesive contact paper. or clear wrapping tape

use an empty, clean and dry bottle to make a vase by ripping small pieces of tissue and gluing on the vase or rip masking tape pieces and later use paint to lightly "wash" over the tapes and lines.

Blessing Our Children
It is a custom to bless our children every Friday night and on Jewish Jewish Holidays. One of my colleagues often tells the story of how her children grew up with this custom and how much it meant to her family. When her son went off to college, on the first Friday night he was away, he called shortly before Shabbat. His mother asked if something was wrong. No, he replied, I just called so you could bless me. (gets me every time). So if you're at home or away, why not include this wonderful tradition in your homes:

May G-d bless and protect you. May G-d's countenance shine upon you and grant you kindness. May G-d's countenance be lifted toward you and grant you peace.

Y'varekh-kha Adonai v'yishm'rekha. Ya-eir Adonai panav eilekha vi-hunnedkka. Yissa Adonai panav eilekka v'yaseim l'kha shalom

B'ahava (with love) always
Morah Mindy
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