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Today share a homemade Haggadah or a special Haggadah that you or your family use.  If you like, you can show and tell us why!


  Give each member of your Passover seder a paper bag with props. Ask them to tell  part of the Passover story at the table.
 Examples:  Moses hears G-d at the burning bush tell him to go to Pharoah to let the Jewish people go. (rod, fire=glitter,foil)
                    Baby Moses floating down the river nile  (baby, basket)
                    The plagues (use your creativity-ping pong balls, frog toys, small wild animals
                    The parting of the Red Sea,  etc.

Potato Kugel-ettes
2 eggs beaten, 1 tbsp matza meal, 4 med idaho potatoes grated, 1/2 sm. onion grated, 2 carrots grated, 1 tbsp. veg oil or spray (pam), salt and pepper to taste

prehear oven to 37 degrees. use veg oil or spray to grease muffins tins.  In large bowl beat eggs and add matza meal. Mix well. Grate onion carrots, and potatoes in food processor.  (drain liquid from potato mixture) spoon the well mixed ingredients into greased muffin tines.  Bake for 20-30 min until brown/crisp.  Can be cooled and frozen and reheated. can be served with applesauce or sour cream or as finger food for the little ones.


Passover Online Resources for Parents               

Young Family Passover Resources from Bet Torah Nursery School

Stories, activities, podcasts, pre-seder checklists

5 passover movies to watch with your kids  Rug Rats Passover is one of my family's favorites.

Go online to YOU TUBE to find Shalom Sesame Passover videos as well

Create a Passover Newspaper.  Use magazine, newspaper, food labels for pictures or have the children draw their own.  Include:
weather (cloudy with a down pour of hail)
cartoon (any part of the Passover Story)
editorial (have mom, dad, grandparent dictate their take on freedom, family, rituals, why Passover is important
advertising-for matzah, fruit, your favorite seder foods
sports (the Red Sea sprint), Miriam's scavenger hunt to find fresh water,  Passover high jump over the homes  of the Jewish people)
Advice column-Dear Savta Sadie-my mom says I can't have cookies? Why

you get the idea
Gross Motor Fun:   Happy Feet Soccer

Here are the links to soccer fun from Happy Feet.
Bob The Bobcat's 'undersea' and 'outer space' adventures!   
                    Tell me a Mitzvah 
Email me a mitzvah that you and your family are (or have been doing) so I can share with our families.  And if you don't wish to share please know that the highest order of a mitzvah is often the one that is not announced or even known by the recipient. Yasher Koach to you for all you do.

Tikun Olam it is our way to make a difference every day.
Readiness: You remember your sleep-away and day camp sing-downs. Give your family a topic
and see if you can come up with songs with that theme. Sing the line with the color  mentioned

colors: red river valley, yellow rose of Texas, I'd rather be blue, It's not easy being green
girls names: Sherry Baby, Mary Mary where are you going to, Sweet Pea, Tammy, Windy
weather: rain rain go away, I've got sunshine, Rain drops on roses, Frosty the snow man

Read aloud:  You've been reading some of your children's favorite books for many years. It's time for them to "read loud" to you. Ask them to "read" (retell) the book to you or a family member.

What comes next?  Read a favorite and frequently requested story and ask questions using context clues.  What comes next? Who will solve the problem?  What is the problem?

How does the character feel? As you read a story favorite, ask how does the character feel?  what would you feel if?  Did you ever feel the way the (name the character) feels?
Worldwide Synagogue Sing -from our Youth Director Loen Amer

Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. 
by the Mishpacha Collective: Rabbi Alexis Pinsky, Chava Mirel, Eliana Light, and Rachel Goldberg

Do you want to sing with your friends and family near and far? Worldwide Synagogue Sing is a chance for kids to connect virtually for meaningful and creative Jewish experience. Perfect for family participation!

But the people round the table are the ones that we need most...

What are the things we need for our seder table?  Like many of us, we will be missing some
people who will be absent this year.  This year, my daughter made  her first pot roast, a dish my mom made for all of us for a ga-zillion seders. 

Here is a message
of love to you and yours. It's a love letter I wrote to my mom and now write to my daughters and to you to remember
to cherish your families, as we all cherish you, our family at Bet Torah Nursery School. Chag Sameach.
Much love today, tonight and always. Morah Mindy


hugs and kisses,
Morah Mindy

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