Some stay at home play at home things to do with love from Morah Mindy

Sometimes  you have to be creative to stay connected during challenging circumstances and so we are reaching out to you by email, with online learning (see below), by phone, and in other meaningful ways until we join together again in our Bet Torah home. Sending you best wishes for good health always, mm

Time for a Scavenger Hunt!
Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? You can make this a daily fun event at home with different themes. You can do it by color (find 5 red things); by senses (find 5 soft things, hard things, noisy things) or my favorite......My Jewish Home Scavenger Hunt.  This task may need some supervision so Grandma's favorite menorah doesn't jump off the shelf or Uncle Eddie's kiddush cup doesn't end up in pieces), but give your children a pictorial list or an audio list of treasures to find:
a kippah, menorah, shabbat candles, shabbat candlesticks, a tallis or tallis bag, kiddush cup, challah cover, siddur, etc.  Add your explanation at the end of the hunt on why these things are so special (were they gifts? did they come from Israel?) Don't forget to ask what makes them special to your child.  (did grandma give you the Jewish star necklace? were those Uncle Andrew's tallis clips?)

During the coming week, Kulanu, our Religious School is also hosting a virtual learning site which has some great resources for parents as well as our religious school students.  Log on and check it out!

Snack Time
Ants on a Log: rinse and cut celery stalks into 4-5 finger food pieces.
Have children spread cream cheese, soy butter or peanut butter in between the ribs.  Add ants (go marching two by two or four by four) for a healthy and fun snack.  Give children plastic knives to practice fine motor skills in getting the spread on the celery before adding the yummy raisins.

Dress up that Hummus: look for a future hummus recipe, but this is something I saw and tasted at the gala and thought it would be great for entertaining at home.  Perhaps your foodies might also enjoy a fancy hummus. Spread a circle of hummus on a small (unbreakable plate).  Provide pitta bread or veggie sticks (carrots, cukes and celery for dipping) BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>have the children make a hummus pizza by adding these items or your choices to their hummus circle before dipping:  pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds,
crushed veggies stix or chips, carrot shavings, cucumber (small dice) etc.  YUMMO!

Morah Pam invites you to sing along to some of our favorite songs. Enjoy!

Fine motor skills can be practiced with threading cheerios on string to make a portable necklace (if you'r going out and need a distraction in a store or appointment)

More fine motor skill building if you have fusion beads or other beads that you can stack on a (clean very clean) wire hair brush or plastic dog grooming spiky brush)

Edible rainbow toast: mix a drop of food coloring in 1 oz of milk and use a clean (or used only for food) paint brush to paint pictures on bread. Then toast for a marvelous masterpiece worthy of breakfast, lunch or snack.

hugs and kisses,
Soup and knishes,
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.
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