Drive By Hi!  This Wednesday from 10 am -11 am, drive by the main entrance of Bet Torah for a drive by hi and an activity pack for your family. All new crafts items and books for your children, and a Havdalah candle and spice bag along with a beautifully illustrated (card stock keeper) of Shabbat and Havdalah blessings. (if our zoom webcast-see below- is successful, we will have a virtual Havdalah Happening on Saturday evening courtesy of ZOOM meetings)
I'll be under the covered main building entrance, gloved and ready to give you your "go kit" with no need to leave your car.  (also a child's Passover Haggadah will be in the packet for our learning next week by Zoom.) We'll be learning the  prayers, cooking with me by remote (think Julia Child with a sense of humor), crafting, singing, and celebrating our families virtually all week)

Boker Tov Morah Mindy Morning Meeting tomorrow TUESDAY 
from 9-9:30 am on ZOOM video. You may need to download ZOOM today on your computer, laptop or phone.  
Tomorrow go to ZOOM and click 

on https//
meeting   ID 765-712-5780 or 
one tap mobile mobile  765-712-5780#

We'll sing a little, read a little and share some time together.

Snack Time
It's personal pizza day! Ask an adult to help you make a delicious creation. Lightly toast a split English muffin or a whole pita or mini pita. spread a tablespoon of marinara sauce on the muffin halves or pita. Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella and lightly sprinkle oregano on the cheese. (1 dash or 2). Toast again for 2-3 minutes flat in a toaster oven or  convection or regular oven until the cheese melts. Remove and cut in half (for easier handling). B'tay avon

Dress up
It's a great time to straighten those drawers, clean that closet or de-clutter the adult clothes int he house to prepare for donations to the Sisterhood Rummage sale or other recipients of your gently used and no longer needed clothes. Let your child(ren) dress up in the adult clothes for plays or play time. Don't forget the accessories, costume jewelry, purses, ties, hats and more

Click here for a link to the Shalom Sesame edition of Shalom Grover

Morah Pam invites you to sing along to some of our favorite songs. Enjoy!

Recycle and build with empty tissue and gift boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, mailing tubes, shoeboxes, and more. Build a city or a building and use your child's small lego and action figures and dolls to populate kid city.

Wondering where to send all the pictures and art generated daily?
Please mail any to my friend, 93 year old Florence:
Miss Florence B.  Room 379-A
United Hebrew
391 Pelham Road
New Rochelle, NY  10805

Click here for a special article for adults on challenging times and our children

Also go on
Scroll down half of the religious school remote learning to arrive at many articles, videos, and content just for you and your children in the days ahead

Also daily, check thewonderful resources you have also shared with me on our Bet Torah Nursery School Facebook page. "Like us"  on Facebook to get these valuable tools in your Facebook Feed.

Trivia Question of the day:  (you may not know but your child will)
How many commandments did Moses receive on Mt. Sinai?

hugs and kisses,
Good health and best wishes
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.   Shout out to Ethan and Emily! Thanks for sharing the Pigeon Activity Book! What books are you especially enjoying this week?
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