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Be sure to bring your new bingo board and your M pages 


delet-door            shulchan-table/desk      luach-  calendar or blackboard sefer-book           keesay-chair                  eeparon-pencil

Kebabs-Food just tastes more fun for little ones when you make kebabs. Supervise the food prep and of course the kebab construction.  Fun kebab ideas include cheese and pita, any fruit combos, veggies raw or grilled, hamburger bites and frank bites are also a great mini BBQ on a stick. B'tay avon

Bottle Cap Spelling:  Wash and dry soda or milk bottle caps and use a sharpie to write a letter on each. Start first with your child's name. rearrange the caps order and have them spell their name. For more challenging Spelling, ask your child to spell 2-5 letter words and show them rhyming families. start with (for ex) -at and make additional sight words-mat,rat,fat,cat,bat,sat,bat,pat,vat

Play Dough Spelling- your child can use play dough or clay or model magic to sculpt their name or family names or DAD or MOM, etc.

Write your child's name in bubble letters or block letters and have them fill up the letters with bottle caps

For younger children, write their name on a card in large block letters. Take another card and write their name and cut that into individual letters and have them match the letters and line them up in their name.

Math Magic:  Here there and everywhere you can find math magic.
Look for patterns outdoors on caterpillars, butterflies and indoors in fabrics, buttons, and more.  Play I spy in the yard, in the kitchen or on a walk and look for shapes, patterns or numbers. Make collections and sort by attributes:  colors, shapes, numbered parts.

G-d's Paintbrush:  here are some ideas and projects from a wonderful book by Rabbi Randy Eisenberg. Often parents ask for guidance in sharing conversations about G-d with their children. This beautifully illustrated children's book is inviting for young children and adults.

The first stories in the Bible focus on G-d as a creator. What are things in the world that make you or your child say WOW? Can you think of a blessing or prayer you could create for these special things?

While G-d created the world, the world is not yet finished. We are partners and help create and make the world  a better place.  The phrase Tikkun olam means "repairing the world." Draw a picture of helping hands. by tracing your hands. Write something that you could do to help someone.  You could be G-d's hands in helping.

Graduating Fours:  You may see something left by your house this morning. Don't be alarmed. You may recognize  the deliverywomen, they will be wearing BT t-shirts. If you like the delivery, feel free to take a photo with this special delivery and post it on the BTNS Facebook page and also on the BT Facebook page.


Here's our new Bingo board words:

Shabbat      candlesticks       challah         wine    Torah

Shavuot      kippah           flowers        fruit   

see you at 9
Morah Mindy    
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