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Sivan-our new month coincides with May/June .  Shavuot is on the 6/7 day
Z'man Matan Torataynu- The season of the Giving of the Torah
Chag HaBikurim-Festival of first fruits
Chag HaKatzir-the festival of the Harvvest
Chag HaShavuot-Festival of Weeks

We eat dairy foods on Shavuot. You can shake sweet cream in a baby food jar vigorously and make butter to use on bread or crackers for a snack.

Time to bring out the ice cream maker and make a yummy treat 

If you go on a field trip to a farmer's market in the weeks ahead, point out the variety of fruits and vegetables. Try a new one.

Make a pictorial cookbook:  Shavuot is the anniversary of the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai but it also includes agricultural origins. During biblical times, famers would make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to offer a tithe of first fruits or first  barley grains to the temple. Use sheets of paper to form the first pages of your child's cook book. Include recipes with grains (challah, banana bread, and fruits, as well as dairy dishes like blintzes. look for my recipes this week and next.) Diary dishes on Shavuot are explained in a variety of ways.  Some liked the sweetness of Torah to the combination of milk and honey. Some liken  the image of two cheese blintzes to the two tablets of the commandments.

It's never too early to engage your children in cooking and making favorite family recipes. Make pages of a cook book with recipe pictures for cup, spoon and other measures. Use labels of actual indredients (butter, floor, the illustration of an egg) for children to begin to "read" these favorite recipes.

Ten Good Rules- We are talking about 613 commandments (rules) (mitzvot) in the Torah. We talk about good rules for school. Recently we read together NO RULES FOR MICHAEL by Sylvia Rouss. Can your child(ren) suggest some good rules for this special family time at home.

What's in the bag- Hide a piece of fruit in a bag. Ask your child to reach inside and describe what they are touching before guessing the fruit. Is it smooth, rough, round, squishy, wrinkly, tall, small.

Sequencing- gather fruit and ask your child to put them in order from smallest to largest.  

Weigh in -If you have a kitchen scale, weigh one kind of fruit (an assortment of apples) and see which is lighter or heavier. Or weigh a variety of fruit. Which is heavier:  bananas or clementines.

Science-Oxidation of an apple
cut and core an apple into sections. dip half of the apple in lemon juice and place on a plate. place the remaining sections on another plate. what happens to each? how does lemon juice keep oxygen from discoloring the apples.

Explore an apple- discuss the color, size, and shape along with the parts: skin, stem, core, meat, etc. Observe the core and seeds. It is classified as a fruit because it contains seeds.

G-d's Paintbrush:  here are some more ideas and projects from a wonderful book by Rabbi Randy Eisenberg.

Have your child lie down on a big sheet of paper. (you may have to tape some sheets together.)  Trace their body with a pencil and ask them to finish the drawing with markers, crayons, bits of fabric or colored paper pieces.

Looking at G-d's creations in different ways:  use a magnifying glass or microscope to see tiny things. Use a kaleidoscope or prism to see things differently.  Use a colored cellophane piece of a toilet paper or towel tube to see the world through Rose or other colored lens.

You can become G-d's paintbrush.  Use a sugar cookie recipe or refrigerated cookie dough. Make "paint" by mixing two egg yolks and 1/2 tsp. water and divide into small cups. add a few drops of food coloring to each. Roll out cookies, cut with cookie cutters and use a cream paintbrush to "draw pictures or designs on the cookies. watch carefully so they don't burn.

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Here's our new Bingo board words:

Shabbat      candlesticks       challah         wine    Torah

Shavuot      kippah           flowers        fruit   

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