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Sivan-our new month coincides with May/June .  Shavuot is on the 6/7 day
Z'man Matan Torataynu- The season of the Giving of the Torah
Chag HaBikurim-Festival of first fruits
Chag HaKatzir-the festival of the Harvvest
Chag HaShavuot-Festival of Weeks

Shavuot begins this year on Thursday evening, May 28. This holiday celebrates the harvest, but most importantly the giving of the Torah. It occurs seven weeks after Passover. Because the words of Torah are sweet as milk and honey, it is customary to each dairy foods during Shavuot.  This holiday also recalls a time long ago when the Jewish people were shepherds and farmers.  They prayed to G-d for sun and rain so the crops would flourish. Nature is also a theme of this holiday.

Israel celebrates Hebrew Book Week, Shavua HaSefer during Shavuot. If you are not already part of the PJ Library (receiving a free Jewish content book monthly for your child,) visit www.PJLibrary.orr   to sign up.  

Things to do to celebrate the holiday:
pick wild flowers
try new fruits (kiwi, fig, date)
when farms open to the public, go berry picking
plant a garden for yourself or a loved one
decorate the house with flowers and branches
As our ancestors shared their harvest, share yours. Bring or send food (via amazon wish lists) to our local food bank.
Mini-Cheesecakes with Morah Mindy
Line one 12 opening muffin tin or 24 mini-muffin tin with cupcake liners. 

Combine Graham cracker crumbs with melted butter (see pkg directions) or substitute a vanilla wafer instead in the bottom of muffin tin spaces. If using crumbs, put 1 tbsp in each and press down with bottom of a small glass.

Mix 8 oz. soft cream cheese, 1 egg, 1/4 c. sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla until creamy

pour into lined cupcake tin a little over 1/2 full for each.  Bake at 350 for 13 minutes. Take out and cool. Serve cold plain or with pie filling or preserves on top (ala larger cheesecake)

Recipe freezes well and tastes great semi-frozen. Do not double. B'tay a-von
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The Not too Late Show with Elmo                    
The first three episodes of The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo will be available to stream on HBO Max on May 27. New episodes will be released each week beginning on Thursday, June 4. You can watch a special preview episode on the Sesame Street YouTube channel on Thursday, May 21.  Elmo invites viewers to listen to musical performances, play virtual games, and have some fun before its time to go to bed-with Cookie Monster as Elmo's sidekick and other friends from Sesame Street joining as backstage crew and the house band. This is my kind of Late Night TV!    


Swirly Salt Project- from the Katonah Art Center
Watercolors (a small set will work fine!) 
Watercolor paper, or the thickest paper you have on hand 
1. Using a clean brush, cover the entire page with water and paint

2. When your whole painting is complete and paint is covering the whole page,        sprinkle salt where desired to create swirly patterns
4. Let the page dry, you will see the paint start to creep away from the salt 
5. Once dry, gently wipe the salt off the page. The final product should look almost like tie-dye with swirly white patches wherever the salt was. 

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