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Be sure to bring your bingo board and your Q pages 

We will celebrate Rosh Chodesh Sivan today. bring something that looks like the moon: crescent or whole
(boy would I like to deliver our special moon cookies to you....but we will gather again in September to remember and savor our special treats)


Sivan-our new month coincides with May/June .  Shavuot is on the 6/7 day
Z'man Matan Torataynu- The season of the Giving of the Torah
Chag HaBikurim-Festival of first fruits
Chag HaKatzir-the festival of the Harvvest
Chag HaShavuot-Festival of Weeks
sagol-purple  lavan-white  afor-grey  choom-brown  vered-pink

You remember making tissue paper flowers when you were younger. Why not teach your child how to do this craft. Use tape or a pipe cleaner to secure the middle of the back and forth tissue paper fold.  round both edges to make curly petals with a scissor. Carefully open the tissue layers and put in an unbreakable cup or vase for your child to put in his/her room or anywhere in the house. (use some of the perfume samples that you don't particularly like to spritz the finished product.)

Make the mountain game we previewed in zoom yesterday. staple at the bottom of each mountain so you can flap the bottom back to hide the 10 Commandments

In your Shavuot bonnet with all the flowers and nature upon it......
Use cardstock, construction paper, or fun foam to make a hat/headband and affix flowers, leaves or nature for your special Shavuot hat for this week and next.
Happy Feet Soccer on demand                   
#15 Visit to the Supermarket  
#16 Bob Makes Breakfast  

For our new bingo boards for Tuesday, use items that show these
attributes:  soft,(cotton ball) hard, tiny, sticky  (tape), shiny, rough, smooth, see thru (plastic wrap), something living (leaf/flower)
Join us today for Shabbat Sha-Zoom at 5:30

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 Shabbat Sha-Zooom with Morah Mindy
5:30 pm

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Bring your challah. Drop me an email if you and your family would like to lead the blessings for wine or challah or candles 

NO ZOOM CLASS Mon. Memorial Day. We resume Zoom on Tues.        
Reminder to drop me a line if you will be joining us for Zoom Camp
Monday June 8 to Friday July 3


Adina Oberman, Bet Torah Nursery School mom of Big Books for Little Hands presents a live talk by Maria Dismondy, award-winning author, publisher and speaker.
Maria will discuss parenting in the pandemic and advice for raising reliant children.

- Tuesday, May 26 at 12pm
- Maria will be giving her talk live on Adina's  Facebook and Instagram pages.

-Please email any questions for Maria to and she'll answer them live.

More info about Maria is here 

Morah Mindy    

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