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Be sure to bring two pages today:  your  U and V pages

Bayit  -  house
Bet Sefer  -  school
talmeed -  boy student
talmeed-a -  girl student
sefer  - book

Musical Moments of Fun at Home

We do it in school with Morah Janet. Meredith does it on Grey's Anatomy. Teens do it. You may do it? Dancing to any music you have on the radio, a CD, the television is a sure way to burn up some calories, channel some energy and just have fun. If your child wants to FREEZE DANCE Remember to STOP when the music stops. (that seems to be a concept often hard to grasp for our young friends.)

Make a xylophone with glasses of different amounts of water. Give your child a small spoon and model how to gently tap the glass to get different sounds based on the water amounts in the glass.

I've got Rhythm:  my brother (now 55) used to love to grab the pot lids from my grandmother's kitchen to "play music". If that's too loud, grab a securely closed box of rice, pasta, or cereal to make maracas, use a coffee container or oatmeal canister for drums or try your own musical instrument ideas in the kitchen.  

Name that Tune:  I'm embarrassed to say we used to play this in the dorm, running down the hall to hit the electrical box buzzer at the end of the hall to name that tune in ___ number of notes.  Can you hum a childen's song to your child for them to identify the song? Choose a school song, a song you sing at home, a nursery rhyme.  As they get more sophisticated can they name the tune with you humming just 5 or 6 words? Fun to play with family and friends and can be played on zoom or the phone with far away loved ones.

Happy Feet Soccer-new adventures with Bob

That Bob The Bobcat really gets around and this week he's both going camping and  visiting a construction site!  How fun!  Hope you'll join your child on these wonderful learning, fitness & fun adventures with HappyFeet! Remember ... all you need to do is copy the links below into your browser for a great HappyFeet at home time anytime that works best for you!  Keep well and thank you!

#17 Bob The Bobcat Goes Camping
#18 Bob The Bobcat Goes to the Construction Site

Field Trip! Check out 16 of New York's family friendly museum in virtual tours and activities for you and your children without bothering with tolls, driving, and the hassle of parking.

Join Kenny Green tomorrow for music and mayhem 

music with kenny green - all invited for a little musical mayhem
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Our last day of Zoom classes for Bet Torah Nursery School is this Thursday, June 4

Moving Up Day for Kitah Katan and 2s and 3s and Graduation for our 4s will take place on Friday 

Kitah Katan & Twos drive by at 9am      
3s Drive by at 10am            
4s drive by Graduation at 11 am

This Friday evening join us for Shabbat Shazoom at 5:30 pm

Shabbat Sha-Zooom with Morah Mindy
Time:5:30 pm

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Meeting ID: 765 712 5780
Password: previously shared

On Saturday, June 6 join Morah Diana for Gan Shabbat  f rom 10:30 - 11 am 
You are invited to bring your pet or favorite stuffed animal to Gan Shabbat!     
Zoom information coming your way this week.


Camp Keshet Zoom begins Mon. June 8 through Friday July 3 for those who signed up.
Camp information will go out every Sunday evening to camper families for the week.

Alphabet Letter W tomorrow.

Morah Mindy    

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